My Mother Coming To Me In Dreams

my mother died 7 years ago when my oldest daughter was a month and a day old. she died in a seizure. she came to me in my dream wearing her glasses. I had told her that she was dead and that we buried her. later she came to me and wasn't't wearing her glasses.  she comes to me every once in a while. one time she came to me in our house we grew up in. she loved that house. I asked her what about the people that lived her she told me that they didn't't mind her living there. now last night she came to me in a dream and said she is coming to take my father. i am sorry but that scared me. My grandma always told me a loved one comes to you when you are going to die. Am I just fearing cause I don't want to lose my father. I know  he is getting remarried and I don't mind. Were happy. yeah I do miss my mother still. Now I get to make those memories with my two daughter's. going shopping together, making cookies together, and watching movies.  Would this of not happen if I didn't't watch her die. I want my mother to rest. I am tired of dreaming of her. how do I fix this?
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The dead are messenger and protectors especially, if we were Close To them

mother never dies

I dreamt of my mother on the 21st day of her death. I asked for a wish from Goddess of Mercy that was to hug my mother for the last time in my dream. My brothers brought her body back from the hospital and all my siblings were able to hug her to say farewell. I was still in a long haul flight rushing back to see her. When I got home, she was all done up beautifully and I wasn't able to hug her for fear that my tears would ruin her clothes and her make up. Hence, I made a request from Goddess of Mercy not knowing whether she could hear me and not being a strong believer in the past. I wished to give my mum a hug but if my quest to hug her for the last time would delay her journey to heaven, I would rather not see her but almighty might have a better idea as to how my wish could be fulfilled perhaps taking me to see her in my dream? It happened on the morning of the 21st day of her death. I was saying goodbye to my sister whilst lying in bed. She was leaving to go to work. Within seconds, I was walking down the stairs in a place unrecognisable to me. The surrounding was white (not cloudy like in movies) and I couldn't see anything other than the steps. It was the last 4 or 5 steps and I could see my mother sitting in her favourite chair at the end of the stairs. She was looking like in her late 30s if not early 40s. Much younger than her 72 years of age when she died of cancer. Her hair was dark, thick and well permed unlike her later years following chemotherapy. I called up 'mom' and asked her when she had permed her hair so beautifully. She looked up to me and smiled. I told her I didn't manage to hug her like everyone else because I was still flying home. I asked if I could give her a hug. Immediately she got up from her chair and hugged me. It was so real. In that so-called dream, I could even smell and felt her curly hair. I could see her beautiful skin around her neck, right ear and shoulder. She hugged me very tightly. Not long after, happiness turned into grieve as if I felt our moment together was coming to an end. I started crying and it got harder and I woke up. Unlike any dream where you felt you had a dream. In this one, I felt someone has opened a route (the stairs) for me to walk to see mum. I wanted to say so much to mum but I had that one wish granted that was to hug my mother. <br />
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I later spoke to friends and a Buddhist monk whether her spirit would be back to see us all but not of my dream. I was told that the deceased will definitely come back in spirit to see their love ones within 49 days of their death. The strongest days being on every 7th day within the 49 days of her death. As I dreamt of mum on the 21st day of her death (the third 7th) I decided to tell the Buddhist monk of my dream. He paused and asked if I have requested this dream from God and I said yes. He told me that such wish (I was allowed to walk to see mum) could only be granted because of the good karma I had from previous life in addition of my mother also wanting to see me as she didn't before her last moment. In our prayers during the 49 days, the Buddhist monk said that we weren't just praying for her but for every soul around according to Buddhism as we are not meant to be selfish. Our past relatives may visit us. I was shocked as there was something I didn't tell the monk. I saw a man in my sister's room walking calmly into her wardrobe one night. All sisters were having our usual sisterly debate about how to carry my eldest sister's mattress up the stairs. While standing at the staircase, I saw a figure of a man wearing a pearly white shirt of the 1960s. He had a silver watch on his beautifully tanned arm. I couldn't see his face but just a figure of a strong and tall man. I still don't know who he is. His tanned strong arm and silver watch...I wonder if he was my uncle (mum's brother). My grandpa was a wealthy man who owns rubber plantation. The family worked very hard under the sun watchful of the process of tapping till the transfer of the latex to their nearby factory for manufacturing otherwise the exposure of the latex under the sun too long will ruin it. <br />
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My aunt (mum's sister) passed away recently. On the first 7th day of her death, I felt someone stroking my hair in circular motion. I just gone onto bed and shut my eyes when it happened. I opened my eyes but couldn't see or hear anything. So, I tossed around from right to left trying to catch my sleep and then it happened again. I could see my hair standing up like static and someone was stroking my hair in circular motion. I just let it happened, not sure what to say with my eyes opened. It stopped eventually.

The first time I had an experience like these was just a very few weeks after my grandmother passed away. We were so very close. I had spent a week with her about a month before she died of cancer, just sitting by her bed talking with her. She was the person who was always there throughout my childhood, always incredibly supportive. About a week after her death I had a dream with her in it. In the dream I was a small boy playing with my sister in the driveway to her house north of Waco, Texas. In the dream, a 1960s car drove up and a woman got out of it. I knew at once that it was my grandmother, though much younger than I ever knew her. Before I was born she had broken her hip and I never saw her walk by herself. This woman was in her mid thirties and she was beautiful. Dressed in high heels and in the fashion of the forties, I think. She got out of the car and walked right up to me. Bending down she helped me up and looking me right in the eye (very odd for me in a dream, absolute eye contact) told me "You know, you were always my favorite". Then she turned around, walked to the car and drove off. I woke up in tears, bawling my eyes out. It was so terribly real, I had never had a dream where the person I was dreaming about looked me right in the eye, making an almost physical connection.<br />
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That was in 1991. Fast forward to April of 2009. My mother and I had been building a great friendship for a few years. After my parents divorce about 10 years earlier they both had remarried. I had never really been close to either of them growing up, but mom and I had sort of developed a friendship that neither my brother or sister were aware of. I spoke to her probably 2 or 3 times a week on the phone (she lived in central Texas, while I live in Kansas). I could come to her home about once every other year and spend a week with her. We would go everywhere, do everything together. I could talk to her about food, her great love was cooking. We could sit for hours watching the food network (something I haven't done even once since then). We were having a wonderful relationship.<br />
Then, about a week after one of my longer visits (she had been complaining about "dizzy spells") she passed out and was rushed to the hospital. After days of tests, she was diagnosed with a form of leukemia. I spoke to her on the phone about what she wanted to do, if she was going to give up or going to fight it. She told me that she wasn't ready to give up, that there was "still plenty of fight left in this old lady". That was the last time I talked to her. She slipped into a coma and was put on life support. About a week later her husband had her disconnected. She became aware for just a moment then quietly passed away.<br />
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Her death came as a terrible blow to me. I wasn't ready (is anyone?), it was way too sudden. About a week later I was dozing at my computer when I started to have a dream just like the one with my grandmother. In my dream, Mom was sitting on the couch in our home where I grew up. She looked up at me and I told her she couldn't be there because she was dead. She looked at me and smiled, saying "I know".<br />
A few days later (again at my computer screen) I slipped into another very real dream of mom. In this one, she was in the small kitchen in that same house. She was surrounded by pots and pans loaded with cookies and cakes of all kinds. She was running around between the pans and oven, obviously in her real element. I told her "mom, you can't be here, you're dead". Her reply was "I know, but I have to cook for all these people".<br />
The last time I had a dream of mom was a month or so later. I had just gotten out of the hospital after a minor surgery. I was on some sort of pain medication. That night I had a small glass of alcohol (which I very rarely do) and took 2 of the pain pills (I should of only had one). Very quickly I was in a waking/dreaming state. I don't think I was asleep as much as I was hallucinating. But I became aware of mom sitting on the side of my bed looking down at me. We started to have a wonderful conversation.<br />
She asked about my father (a shock) and how he was doing. I told her he was upset at her death, but seemed to be OK. She told me that I was to tell him that she could have tried a lot harder to save their marriage than she did. That she loved him and she would be waiting there for him when his time came. Then she asked about her new husband. I told her he was being a trial to us (her children), that he wouldn't give us any of her things. Nothing to have of hers to remember her. She got a grim ex<x>pression on her face and told me that she was very disappointed in him. Then I asked her if I was dreaming her right then, or was she really there. She told me that she was really there, that heaven wasn't like we are led to believe in church. That heaven was a place to correct all the mistakes we made in life. She said that she was trying to make up for "Sean". That's the last thing I remember about it.<br />
I have talked to my father, brother and sister since then. No one has a clue about who "Sean" is. No one that any of us knows. My father was very moved by her message to him. Since then he and I have become much closer. We have talked many times about that message. He truly believes it came from her. He told me that he could have tried harder to save the marriage, as well. That they had just grown apart and neither of them knew how to fix it, or really wanted to. It just fizzled.<br />
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I know this was a very long comment. But I wanted to get it off my chest, to tell the story. These dreams have convinced me that an afterlife is real. That we don't just die. It has brought me back to church after years of complacency. It has also comforted me in the times that I miss mom the most. I know that when my time comes her face will be the one that I see welcoming me. I look forward to it.

My mother passed away when I was 12. I had one VERY REAL dream of her when I was 14. We met. We talked. After my husband passed away just over a year ago, I have had 3 occurrences that the "dream" was soooooooo real ... I broke into tears the very moment I opened my eyes because it felt like I was literally removed from his presence. <br />
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I have had some very incredible experiences in my life and have since learned that the soul of my mother came to me that night and the knowledge and awareness has brought great peace in my life both regarding my mom and my husband.<br />
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ba<x>sed on very strong personal experience, my recommendation to anyone is this:<br />
<br />
If you are "seeing" what you are calling a dream ... it's a dream.<br />
<br />
But if you are "feeling like you are right in it" ... like you are there ... more like full 3D ... not just "looking" at something. You will even feel emotion with it. Nobody could convince me that it is nothing but a dream and I welcome each and every one of those experiences.<br />
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Hope this helps.