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Dream About My Mother Who Has Passed

Last night I had a dream my Mom was missing. It was horrible. She was missing along with someone else's mother and I could feel that it was going to have a bad ending. I was searching for answers as to where she could be or who might have taken her. It seemed like some time had passed sine she was 1st missing. Then I was in a store with some of my siblings and the other people whose mother was missing. I looked out the front windows, it was snowing, then I see my Mom with 2 other white haired women who looked like my aunts and they came through the door. I yelled, "Mom" and I think she yelled "Hey" and we ran toward eachother and hugged. Then I woke up and realized it was a dream and was so upset because my Mom passed away what will be 2 yrs this New Years Eve. I miss her so much and I feel it's so cruel to have these dreams that gave me hope only to wake up and know the truth. She's gone. I never realized or thought it was going to be so hard without her.

I'm married and have 3 kids, I'm 42 and the youngest of 8. One brother has passed several years ago and we lost our Dad just last Janurary, hasn't even been a year yet. 

If anyone can explain this dream to me it would really help. I just don't understand it. I feel it must be trying to say something to me because I don't think GOD would purposely play cruel jokes on me like this dream.

slm42 slm42 41-45, F 5 Responses Nov 29, 2009

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I love them so much and missed then terribly

I also dreamed every night of my mother who passed away 8 years ago. My father 7 years. You won't believe me but since they' v gone every night of my life i dreamed of them if they were here. Don't understand it why??

I also dreamed every night of my mother who passed away 8 years ago. My father 7 years. You won't believe me but since they' v gone every night of my life i dreamed of them if they were here. Don't understand it why??

Who says it's God giving you the dream? It's clear, you're missing your mother and want/need her to be here now. Since you greeted her, I suspect her spirit is beside you, but you cannot see her. Remember her as she was and how she cared for you....that's all you need to do. Tho you can't ask, I bet you can guess the advice she would give you for any situation that may come up.<br />
<br />
I too dream of my mother, now passed 20+ years. I miss her terribly and know it's that pain that sometimes overcomes me and I dream of her being here with me.

Beautifully worded, But I need more . My mom passed away 6 months ago and my sister and I are numb with pain. we dream of her every night, wakening the next morning so confused : did she really pass ? I need to see her . I need to talk and hug her . Even my niece and nephew are dreaming wonderful real like dreams. I may appear selfish , but I want her back . my sister ,mom and me have almost like a circle like power of love . We will always be linked. We were best friends. Sometime the pain is so bad I just want to stay in my dreams with my beaufiful mom. P.S . Do you think it's possible to tap into a paralle world , maybe our loved ones are there.

We all need more, but there is no more. When your time comes, you can cross over to be with her....if you try to hurry that, you won't see her again (My belief only). So, you have a wonderful circle with you, your sister and mom. Nothing says that has to end. She can't actively participate, but you know how she would think. Apply your (and your sister's) memory to any situation. Lean on your sister and have her lean on you to help you thru tough times.

How well I know the pain of those dreams, but no, I think there is no "parallel universe", but rather a heaven and hell and the earthly world. The way you handle yourself here determines where you will be in the next (heaven/hell). Hell is a separation from all love. Heaven is completely all love. Strive for the heaven you know (whatever that definition is based on your relationship with the All-knowing) and you will spend eternity with those you love, but you can't go early. To do so is to join the other side and you may never see those you love. You loved ones are in heaven (however you define that place) where God lives and rules. Hell is void of God and love and is another real place.

The pain will always be with you, but knowing that if you do what you know to be right, you will all be together again one day can sustain you thru life. Just don't try to take control and force yourself has the opposite affect.

As for those dreams......dreams are from your own psyche and only reflect thoughts already in your mind and heart, but do so in an exaggerated way. Nothing new comes from dreams unless God sends you a dream, and those are for his purposes, not yours.

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