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Tonight I had another dream about my mom. She died very suddenly in her sleep on October 3, 2009. It was a Saturday and I had awoken late in the morning and was surprised to find that she hadn't gotten up yet. My mom was an early riser and when I went to check on her, she was already gone. Anyway, my most recent dream was that I was walking home from a job I haven't had in 2 years talking with a person from high school that I knew but had never really been friends with. We were talking about me picking up her daughter from daycare since she had to go run an errand. I said I would do it but I didn't have a car seat in my car but I would come over and get the one she had and then go pick her up. I walked to my house and I saw a u-haul van out front. And my mom. In all of my dreams about my mom since her passing, I know that she is not supposed to be here. I know she has died and am confused as to how she can still be here. I ask my mom if my sister is moving again. She says that she is and this puts me into a complete panic. In this dream,I know she should be dead but she is here again and has suffered through 2 heart attacks and is like a child so I am completely freaking out about how I am going to take care of her by myself. The next scene in the dream is me coming out of my bedroom into the living room where she is dozing in her favorite chair. She looks asleep from a distance but when I walk up to her, I can see one eye is closed but the other is rolled back in her head. She is struggling and her skin is cold. I try to feel for a pulse and there is a faint one so I try to wake her up. I keep screaming "mom" over and over again. Louder and louder. I have a cell phone in my hand in which I am trying to call 911 but the phone won't work. In my dream, she won't awaken until I slapped her across the face. Now she is pissed off that I have slapped her and wants to know why I woke her up. I tell her because she has already had 2 heart attacks and she is SUPPOSED to be dead. She gets really mad at that point and says "I was NOT dead". Then she is looking through some mail about her social security checks and how they expect us to repay it because she is still alive.. That's when i wake up.. Most of my dreams about my mom are similar to this. I know she is dead and not supposed to be here but every time I ask her why she is back or where she has been, I don't get an answer.

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My mom has been gone since Christmas Day 2000 and she is in my dreams quite often. It always feels right that she's there, though sometimes I'm surprised to see her. I think, "oh, yeah! She survived all of that; how could I forget she's alive?" sometimes I know she's dead but don't care; the same way I know I can't fly but sometimes do anyway. I think it's because she and I were once literally the same being; my body and soul were created from hers. We were always connected, and will remain so. Her body is now ash but her spirit lives on and joins with me when it's easiest to do so -- through dream and memory.