Stealing Away With My Ex-girlfriend...

I've never been "friends" with any of my ex-girlfriends except for two... the second one was more of a ****-buddy that I stayed in touch with. Even though we never actually had physical sex after we broke it off, we would eventually have phone sex or sext or chat online about all the things we wished we could do to each other on and off over the course of several months and even years. But this is a story about the other.

The first girlfriend I genuinely loved, dated me for a little over a year and a half while I was in college. To say we had an explosive sexual chemistry would be an understatement. She was beautiful, in an all-American blonde, blue eyed sort of way, but carried herself with a sexual energy that she saved only for me that I swear I will never forget (I'll save some of those stories for later). She had the tightest body and long golden hair, piercing blue eyes and a stunning figure. She was a nurse too - which in and of itself is sexy - but I loved it when she would come over after work wearing her scrubs and I would feel her *** knowing she wore thongs just for me...

She loved me genuinely too, I know that. She eventually broke up with me because she knew it would never work long-term. We came from VERY different backgrounds and she knew (rightly so) that we could never marry or live our lives happily. Regardless, I was completely and totally heartbroken. I know she was too. And for that reason, we stayed in touch over the years, and would call each other whenever someone made us feel sad or angry because we always knew we would find some comfort there. A few times we even got together to see each other.

After breaking up, we saw each other a few times... had sex and pondered whether we should get back together. I was a senior in college and lived an hour away from her. She would drive to see me at school and spend the night - glorious nights - in bed together. I went on to graduate from college and moved in to my apartment in the city. She stayed in her small town, but we would call and see each other occasionally. Eventually, our meetings became less and less frequent until they eventually stopped.

A few months later, she found solice with a male friend of hers that I had met a few times while we had officially dated (I never liked him and both he and she knew that). She got pregnant, and being from a small town, she felt obligated to marry him. I dated others on and off. I would call a few times in between girlfriends to reminisce about the past. A year went by. Then she started calling. The solice she once found with him faded quickly after they married - she was clearly unhappy, and let me know it.

At the time I was dating someone, but wanted to see her. I took opportunities to call her - the way she always answered her phone, knowing it was me, I could tell she said "hi" with a smile and a lump in her throat. She still loved me.

We saw each other a few times. She drove in to the city to meet me, stealing away on a "shopping trip" that I would tag along for. We would hold hands, pretending to share a trivial moment as lovers rather than what we really were. I took every chance to touch her skin. I would reach in and kiss her - she never turned me away. We would sit in her car in the parking lot kissing and petting. I would run my hands through her hair, down her neck and into her shirt. Slipping my hand into her bra and caressing her breasts, making her nipples erect as I kissed the nape of her neck. Continuing down over her shirt to her tummy, and around to her hips and ***. I loved feeling her thong... it never ceased to turn me on knowing she was wearing that for me. I would rub her ***** through her jeans and then - reality would set in. She was married and couldn't go further. The passion that had built up between us was temporary.

I relented - the guilt of making her feel this bad was too much for me too. As much as I wanted this woman, I wanted her to be happy too. We said our goodbyes, hugged and kissed each other passionately once again before parting ways.

I dated others, and broke up with them. I was hurt by a few. I called her every time. I knew she would make me feel better.

We kept calling. Talking on the phone over the next few months. I became bolder and more explicit about how much I wanted - how much I needed - her. She became more bold slowly as well. Eventually, she called to meet me for dinner and a movie - somewhere inconspicuous. We met at the movie theater. Walked in and immediately felt her hand take mine. We kissed. I don't remember the movie - we spent more time kissing and feeling each other. She moved closer to me, rubbing my **** through my pants. I had never been harder in my life. She pulled me out and leaned down to take me into her warm, wet mouth. She had never before done this for me.

I came. I came hard. She swallowed every bit of my *** and made me ache for her. I couldn't leaver her after that. We had dinner at a crappy chain restaurant and then sat in her car for an hour talking and kissing, until she eventually HAD to go.

Finally, she told me that she suspected her husband was cheating on her with someone he worked with. He was away for the week doing a construction project in another state. She wanted me, and wanted to have me that night. I was nervous - I had never done this before - make another woman cheat on her husband! It was thrilling, but I felt torn.

I arrived at her house in the evening, she met me at the door and wisked me in. We kissed... nervously. She offered me something to eat. I kissed her and felt her whole body shake. I took her to the living room and sat down on the couch. She straddled me. Wearing a tank top and yoga pants, I could feel the boy shorts she wore underneath and I hugged her ***. I kissed her breasts and ground her into me. I could fee how damp and warm she was through both our pants.

She pulled me up off the couch and walked me to her bedroom, pushing me gently on the bed and pulling my pants off. I watched her straddle me, kiss me, and move down to take my hard **** into her mouth. I was in heaven. She came back up. I pushed her pants down and grabbed and squeezed her ***. I wanted to **** her. I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to run. So many feelings and thoughts ran into my head.

I pulled her up and slid into her. I was home.


After that episode, we didn't speak. She called me and wrote to me, but I felt embarrassed by what we had done. I had collaborated to put a wedge into her marriage. I didn't feel right. I still loved her - but I couldn't love her the way I had before, and I knew that. She knew it too. And our story peacefully ended there.

I'm married now. I have my own child. I pray my wife will never do this to me, and my hope is that I won't let my marriage ever get to that place. I still have a place for my ex-girlfriend in my heart - but the place is small (and smaller every day as I experience life) but tucked away where some of my fondest memories lay.
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