I Love My Ex

Well i dreamed me and my ex girlfriend got in a argument, and the next day i went to her house with my friend. then i sent a text message to my ex asking if she wanted to kiss me.. so we got up and went into her room.. but that was all my dream was. I still love her. with all my heart but she said shes getting over me :(

iloveyoutt123 iloveyoutt123
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 17, 2009

shame sorry man, but don't worry you will be fine cause really almost everyone been there and done that!! hope you get healed soon

Man I kno that feeling, but my ex byfriend is in NY and I'ma in Kansas, he lied to me so many times before I broke up with him, but for some reason i tend to regret it but I will never regret having my daughter, I got pregnant with her when he was in Ny and got out of jail and cheated on me, so i went and cheated on him and got pregnant. but I love him so much but I don't even kno if he still loves or thinks about me anymore, he always told me that he would come back to kansas to find me but has never came back around and it's been a yr. but in my dream I would hear a knock at the door and there he stood, but thoes are just dreams and they make me cry somtimes..it suxs like hell