Japanese Meat Worms

You have to love the Japanese if you love kinky sex. I just watched this video where they had this cute girl on her back, butt off the ground, legs wide and ***** lips spread and these guys held her arms while others poured meat worms into her *****. I don't think she enjoyed it. But that is part of the turn on. Which I could see a longer version.
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Mate I just wanted to thank you fir refering that website. it is totally incredible. I've down loaded some of the sample vids and will ve getting more. All my life I've been ffantasising and dreaming about what could be stuffed into *******, but this bloke has taken it to a whole new level, ii.e. like the one where they are stuffing little live lizards into that cute little Jax ******. Packed down so tightly they actually die inside her! That is totally freaky. It makes my fantasising seem pale and vanilla in comparison. Not often is that the case. Thanks again.

Since I made this post I've found Japanese vids where they have put live frogs into a *****, live goldfish, worms, eels and literally a litre of cumjuice collected from dozens of men. What a turn on. but this is still my favourite.

I just love this vid!!
Full version is here !!

Thanks so much for the link. I down loaded it and watched it on the plasma. Really good. i wish it had sub-titles. Would've loved to know if they'd left any wirks inside her though. Thanks a million, Pain Puppy