The Reason I Joined This Group.

The reason why i joined this group is becasue i thought that i might find some kind of an answer to my problem. It was only about 5 minuites ago after reading other peoples stories, that this was an actual problem.
I dream about the end of the world or some kind of destruction on a mass level every night. Relentlessly. And have done for the past 3 months. I want it to stop, but also wanted a reason why im having these stupid and terrifing dreams, its making me hallucinate and loose sleep. It can be interesting but now its just geting annoying.
Last night ( my most recent nightmare ) involved me running through an abandoned cobbled street with high rised old fashioned buildings to get out of the rain, i was soaked and found refuge inside of an enormous cathedral. When i was running (feeling the panic) i began to become aweare of the fact that i was running for my life everyone else was gone and as the rain fell it was like acidic... I physically felt my lips burning. I burst through the doors and realised my cousin and her baby were in there. I felt the need to protect them. I was aweare that time had moved on in the dream and suddenly 3 men burst into the room drentched and panting wildly. The man behind them was screamign as his flesh dissintegrated, then as we raced forwards to close the doors on him (something that made me feel horrible) these creatures began tearing him limb from limb which was extremely detailed.

The night before that to cut a long story short, involved large square frames with metal charged with electrucuting wires falling from the sky and slicing/ frying anyone that they fell onto of. After 3 days of living in a cuboard with my younger sister and best friend we ventured outside to collect food from the vege patch (i have no idea where the house was i dont even reognise it !!) and was aweare that there was no one else alive... I woke up feeling soo isolated and upset about loosing my family, even though i knew that they were actually fine ! ... But in my dream we were the last people alive on the planet.. Even the invadors had left.

Wierd. But i would love to hear your comments, and i wonder what tonight will bring ! ;) xx
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Actually your dream corresponds to prophecys.Everything about it. The world is right on the edge. It could begin to happen as early as the last day of the summer. You have been given a gift of prophecy of the things that are going to happen. You will be spared but you need to be an anchor for your family to repent and turn to Jesus. God is about to let the world be punished as our sins flow over a cup. Make a choice now. Be with God and happiness forever or be in the torments of hell and suffering in eternity. Each has to choose. The Cathedral means to go to confession, pray your rosary receive the sacrament and you will be spared. Not much time left. You probably sense in your dreems a sense of urgency. Also, the gift may give you courage to tell others that there is not much time left to repent. Trust God and your dreems not popular atheist oppinion

wise words thankyou x

mmm.... very interesting... i honestly dont know how to answer that... many things roll in my mind to say.... but what i can say is... be strong... protect who u can... love who u can... and live while u can