My Dream Of The End Of The World

I was awaken finding myself in a state of panic, it all felt so real. Some clear and vivid pictures ran through my mind as I struggled to make sense of the state of anxiety I was feeling. I remember looking up into the sky from where greyish black clouds formed. Inside the clouds were huge faces of person I've never seen and I clearly saw one of my uncle's saying its the end of the world let's all begin to pray and in the dream all the persons around started to pray the our father pray. In the midst of it all I remember feeling a sense of hopelessness and grave fear of god something I've never felt towards our god our saviour Jesus Christ. I could also remember my conscience saying to me to repent for your sins as it is the last hour and what I could recollect now is some sort of greyish black smoke or lava of some sort was killing everyone and just as it reach my feet I was taken to a new place, then I got up feeling a really strange, strong sense of despair and grief that I couldn't help my loved ones around that had disappeared.
Misskc15 Misskc15
Nov 27, 2012