I dream about the end of the world almost every night now.
It's so real it feels hard to tell whether or not it is real until I actually wake up.
I wake up sweating, crying, shaking, pale & terrified sometimes.
Last night was my most recent end of the world dream, & my most memorable.
It was a continued dream of the night before.
I was in a place I didn't recognize. It was dark, & condemned. It felt horrible
I felt depressed within my dream. My body was reacting and I knew it, I felt like I was half awake but couldn't wake myself up the rest of the way.
There was very few people. I felt lonely & hurting inside.
A friend I haven't talked to in years was in the dream, he tried to tell me he had no money and needed to leave this horrible place we were in & wanted me to take his child.
(in real life he doesn't have a child)
The child was of a different ethnicity than him & I took it.
I was walking down the road in this awful dark place and I walked into a building that looked like nothing I had ever seen before on the outside but as soon as I walked through the door it was my bedroom, and I woke up and was in my bedroom, it was like my dream continued into my life as I was waking up. I wasnt in a deep sleep because I had been waking up on and off throughout the entire night.
Ive had a lot more stress than usual lately and i think that might be contributing.
somebody explain this please.
xkaileyy xkaileyy
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012