A Dream About the End of the World

About a few months ago I had 2 dreams about the end of the world. The first one is the one I cant remember too well, but I do remember seeing everything in flames. The second one I remember clearly. I woke up on a bed in a trailor, ( I live in an old house) and I went outside. Then out of the blue I said "This is our last day here, better enjoy it while we can." I saw two people I didn't know outside the trailor, but likewise I said their names.( No I don't remember their names if your wondering.) Then I took a look around at the landscape it was desert like my home, but it was just us three and the trailor. Then I told the other two to follow me and said, "Come on we must receive communion." Then the ground started shaking furiously, we all tried to grab on to something. Then I looked up and saw a bright light, brighter than the sun itself, but yet my eyes didn't hurt. Then I shouted " Jesus!!!" That was the last thing I did before I woke up. I regret waking up before being able to see him, but he lets things like this happen for a reason.      

DaiWolf DaiWolf
1 Response Mar 27, 2009

WOW!!! Yes to this story... that is all I have to comment. I love it