Sleep With A Ghost

Please stop haunting my least every other night you're there. Usually you're angry with me, like when we knew each other. You tell me I am stupid and should feel ashamed. You let me know just how many lies I believed. But sometimes...sometimes you're the old you. Sometimes you are the person I loved and cared for and thought I meant the world to. Sometimes you're there, holding me. That's what hurts the most. That's what kills me in the morning. It seems so're right beneath my fingertips, but then I wake up with a freshly wounded heart. Please, please, stop haunting my dreams...

Last night I had another dream of you. This time I showed up to your prom, and you were with her. I was fine though. I was in the dress I wore to the prom we went to, sparkley and bright blue. I saw you two, but I wasn't bothered...until you saw me too and started coming toward me. I ran away, but you caught up and wanted to know why I wouldn't talk to you. I started screaming and crying at you, "Why can't you just leave me alone?! Why do you keep bothering me?! I was doing fine! I was doing fine, and now you're screwing me up again! GO AWAY!" But you wouldn't leave. You just stood there, not understanding. You convinced me to talk to you, even though I told you how much pain it would cause me.
I just want my mind erased of everything to do with you! I really do wish you would go away...
lonelygal17 lonelygal17
18-21, F
Mar 30, 2011