Why Does She $peak to Me? What Is She Trying to Say?

i have been dreaming about a friend that i've know for about 5 or 6 years. well, she has been dead over a year now. when she first passed she came in my dreams. but, this time the conversation was not as long. it's been a year and why is she speaking to me again? i can understand when the dead speaks to you when they first passed but, it's been a while so i'm wondering what's going on. when she came this time it was a lucid dream. she just said:"hi" but now here's something eles. when she first died i saw here plain as day driving a car she drove when she was living. twice. i never told anyone this but all i could do was stare because it was broad daylight and i saw her and i couldn't believe what i was seeing. is this possible? ineed some answers cause i'm starting to feel like i'm going crazy!

cocobunnz87 cocobunnz87
Feb 22, 2009