Dream Control?????

I've learned how to sort of channel my mind into controlling my dreams, yet only once in a while.  Actually it happened when I was 12 (never understood it then) and a couple times here and there then recently nearly a straight week of this "Astral Traveling" then I couldn't do it any more.. I think I just overtried/maybe overused my welcome in that realm??? I don't know...All I did was practiced leaving my body and after that....Practiced leaving the house.  My physical body asleep...paralyzed...Feeling my soul jolt from my body..and start drifting.  After drifting for some time...I tried to control it and to my amazement it worked...not as easy as it sounds.  I couldn't just walk like normal...I was flying and if I tried to move fast...I blasted my self through walls and freaked myself back to my body...I guess fear brings you back... I love doing this and wish I could do it every time....
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Yeah. I have done that successfully once before when I was 19 and had a similar experience. Then I haven't tried to do it anymore. It kind of gives me the "freakies" if you know what I mean. But yeah, I believe it is possible to project yourself astrally. It would have been cool to connect some electrodes to your head while you were attempting to do this to see what type of brain waves you were using. Whether it was Alpha Beta Delta Gamma or the elusive Theta brain wave. I find it interesting that you could only do this when you were young. Theta waves exist primarily in kids not adults. Perhaps you were thinking with your theta waves and why you can't repeat your initial results are due to your "adult" thinking.

I've heard of this form of Astral Projection... I'm attempting it.. but with my Insomnia, it might be hard to do... I'm not sure what to do, either... oh well