Just the Other Night!

I have had two Ep dreams - just in the last few days. 

The first dream was just of writing stories and comments.  I guess just from spending too much time on here!

The second was grand!  Me and the Epeeps in my circle - having a big party!  Scooby, nuevo, Ryuu and more - all the avatars walking around!  We had garlic bread :D  And instead of exchanging gestures - I dreamt of sharing real hugs :)

Bit like the Wizard of Oz at the end - and you were there, and you were there, and you were there! 

Ahh if only it wasnt a dream and it was possible for all of us to be together in the same room, sharing a meal, and to see laughter on the faces of my friends.

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
16 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I've just been thinking about garlic bread...

Oh, You know I have to make the crab stuffed mushrooms. They have some finely minced garlic in them too!

Stuffed Mushrooms... ahhhhh Maybe you had died and gone to heaven and then came back down to mingle with us some more.

Hahaha - I hope you were preparing some of those stuffed mushrooms? I dont recall seeing them in my dream - but Im sure they were around somewhere....

Haha! I was making garlic bread while you were sleeping and you smelled it in your sleep! :-) I was cooling down the beers and chilling the wine for the big gathering!

Look Krypton, Garlic Bread is a taste sensation, one of the true Kings of the Bread World - a party without garlic bread is like...a tequila shot without the lemon and salt. Basically just horrible.<br />
How could I NOT dream about it??? ;)

That is such a great dream I would think you made it up. :P Garlic Bread, who dreams about that ?!?!?!?!

Yea! Id be pleased if I looked like mine - I think shes gorgeous!

Jelle - LOL I think I was! The detail are fuzzy now. But I was definatly being called Aurora rather than my real name!<br />
Nuevo - I would have festivities without you sweetie - just simply wouldnt be the same.<br />
Scoobs - you are so right. I cant stand it when Vampires gate-crash - they really suck the life out of the party ;)

I think the garlic bread was to keep the vampires away. Am I right?

Sounds like a pretty fun dream. Were you an avatar as well? XD

:D I think my party dream was inspired by our birthday celebrations!

See, that's what happens when you and I take a trip around the world!

:) Maybe one day Scoobs it will be true..........

We share a dream.........

Hehehe yip, it was like they had grown bodies - or the heads had sprouted legs!