Wonderful Dream In Color

So, pretty much all of my dreams are in color, well, actually every single one! I had this wonderful dream! It had this guy I was crushing on in it. We were living in these weird apartments and for some reason he had to study in my room for a math test. I think my parents might have been giving him lessons, but I have no idea, it's a dream, so I tried talking to him, but he was only paying attention to my parents, he would only glance at me. But still, just having him there...with me all alone when my parents were gone...it was an amazing feeling! But, next thing I knew, I saw him riding his bike in the complex, along the garages, he looked back at me, and then I woke up...the dream just felt amazing though! I just loved having him there with me for maybe just a minute...all alone while he studied at my desk...ahhh...such a nice dream...it just felt so right to have him there! :) <3
emilysemilypemily emilysemilypemily
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010