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I Dream In Color, How About You?

I've been dreaming about a lot of things lately. The things I dream about range from simplest to complex, innocent to naughty, stuff like that. Of course, my dreams are all in vivid color. Sometimes my dreams feel so real as if I'm in another world while I dream - pretty obvious, I know.

Between you, me, and the internet, I've been dreaming often about something we all want to have - happiness.
Ichilicious Ichilicious 26-30, M 4 Responses Jun 27, 2011

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I dream things that come true a lot!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!

@sharpey: True. I've been trying to "awake" myself when I'm dreaming. I'm no sure what it's called, but it's possible - that way I can be awake while dreaming. Check it out!! It's Lucid!

@Vignette: Hehe, I'm glad I'm not alone. Dreaming lets us experience things we usually can't experience in this world. Maybe life itself is a dream?

Yes!! I also dream in vivid color, and I love it!! I have had wonderful adventures - including riding the back of an orca whale in the most pure blue, pristine, and clear lake up in the mountains. And seeing the fiery red-orange flames of color in canyons, and the most intense, rich green grass in a beautiful meadow, and the deepest, clearest blues in my ocean dreams, etc. The colors are incredible!! Much more intense than what my human eyes see in real life. Whoever said we dream in only black and white is completely off his rocker!<br />
<br />
I agree, the dreams can sometimes seem so real, that upon wakening, we wonder - who, really, is the dreamer??