This Is My First Dream I Ever Remember Having.

I have always dreamed in color. For me this is the norm. I have had dreams so real that I was unable to shake the feeling of still being in the dream for several moments after. Some were amazing! Some very scarey. ( I am talking raise the hair off your head)
I was a little girl. Maybe 5 or so. We had went to visit somebody in a old almost victorian house. When we got out of the car I looked up. I remember the white paint peeling, gone in spots, almost gray. The house was at least 2 stories tall. My Grandmother held my hand. I squeezed in a little closer. There was a walkway bridge with the clearest water under it. I wanted to touch the water. It was such a hot sticky day. (My little mind didn't know about humidity. lol.) I thought how good it would feel to put my feet in that cool clear water. But, My grandmother held me tight. Something was very wrong with the water. She didn't tell me. I just knew.
At that moment I was very scared. Nothing was as it should be. Things were not the way they looked. We got closer to the house and were both very afraid. Still she pulled me closer to the house. We walked quietly. We had this way of feeling what the other was going thru. She always said it was bec we loved eachother so much. When we got into the house my grandmother just seemed to vanish. I wondered thru the house looking for her. Up stairs that took me further into the darkness of this house. It was so quiet. Like death. The only sound I could hear was my heartbeating. I ended up in an attic room.
I was alone and afraid. It was dark all over, but the brightest day outside. I kept thinking why don't the open the curtains? Why is is so quiet here? Where is everybody? I walked across the room to another doorway. I could hear the distant sounds of people talking. I knew I had found her! Then I noticed the floor was broken. High above everone else. I could see below to a room full of people who couldn't hear me. I was trying not to fall thru . Still it creaked and groaned as I tried to tenderly walk. 'Almost there.." I said aloud..
Flash.. now we are running. She tells me I have to hide. They must not see me. Something is going on. I just don't know what.. I wanted to go with her but she said no. "HIDE!! No matter what don't come out."
The day has faded. It is getting dark. I am alone. So I go to the only place I know they will not find me. Under the bridge into the water. I stayed hidden until very late my grandmother came to get me.
IamGreenEyes IamGreenEyes
31-35, F
Jan 18, 2013