Fever Dreams and Warring Colours

This particular dream was more about colour than just in colour.

It was a fever dream, I went to sleep with an aching head, far later than I should have. I felt sickness coming on so I rolled myself up in blankets and doonas to try and sweat away the fever. It didn't work. I ended up having a vivid, distressing dream that lasted all night and into the morning.

I was some kind of monarch, and my provinces were separate colours; red, green and blue. They kept clashing and fighting with each other, as soon as I leave to separate a group of red from green, blue comes in and swamps them both. They were all battling for control over each other while I was desperately trying to keep them in equal balance. I vaguely remember coloured airplanes zooming around, they looked like pterydactyls, out for prey. I felt trapped and lost in the futility of it all. Every time I fixed something, another problem would come into existence.

Red. Green. Blue.

I woke up several times, at 4:30 am, then 6:30, then 8:30, but each time I fell asleep I'd go right back into the dream, tossing as the coloured planes zoomed by. I found myself wondering, how the hell do you control what you dream? It seemed hopeless to resist as I was drawn back into the war.

I don't know if all my dreams are colour, but I think colour in life is something so natural that I would notice more if it were gone. It's not a very significant thing in my dreams, it's just present. I tend to recognise colours as representing something specific rather than notice that the ground had been gold and the trees were green.

Red. Green. Blue. I wonder why it had been those specific colours battling in my fever dream.

Pretzel Pretzel
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1 Response Dec 23, 2008

You are amazing! I totally agree.