Under the Influence

I've recenlty turned to the patch as an aid in quitting smoking.  A friend if mine warned me that one side effect could be intense and vivid nightmares.  I have not experienced those as of yet, however I've noticed that I am having epic, vivid dreams that are easily recalled each morning.  



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*striptease music* Pulling the waistband of the yoga pants down a bit. Slowly, licking my lips, peels the tan corner and removes the patch in a quick rip and throws willy nilly into the air. Dancing around excitedly until I realize I need that patch or else a smoke.<BR>I say let's leave them on until we get an ugly one.

Chants:<br />
"take it off! take it off!"<br />
<br />
Perhaps you are correct. Time to leave the patch off for dream time.

Patches! We don't need no stinkin patches!<br />
I had to say that. *giggling* <br />
Personally I need a body patch. This is rough! The vivid dreams are nice, but they're gonna turn ugly soon. The trade off from having no smokies to having super vivid dreams doesn't feel like an even one right now.

Hmm .. chicken pies and dvd's ?

Ahh, Tasmin, I'm certain there are things much finer than patches to enrich your evenings.

What patches are these?<br />
<br />
I could do with livelier nights!!

Hmmm...coupon clipping should be a real puzzler.<br />
<br />
One of my great epic dream themes is fishing, and the fish I catch are fantastic.<br />
<br />
Alas, last night, I could barely shut my eyes let alone enter the land of nod. Today shall seem like a tedious chore.

I'm with your seasonal theory, Juan. I brought it up at a party over the weekend. I was amazed at how many people reported the same vivid dreams. <br />
<br />
Myonis has been interpreting some of my recent dreams. She's really good! I have to check in with her about last night's coupon clipping dream.

Duchess,<br />
Dreaming in color is not novel for me. Yet, epic dreams -- dreams with a story line that carry on continuously through the night -- seem rare. As of late, they seem to be occuring with more frequency. <br />
<br />
Nora,<br />
I know the types of dreams that you are referring to -- textures, tastes, smells, attitudes, emotions, etc. When the come, there is little to distinguish them from waking life.<br />
<br />
As a side note, it seems to me that there is something about this season -- the fading weeks of winter -- which brings about such dreams like bunches of bananas. I've heard others mention it recently -- both here and elsewhere, It makes me wonder about the infinite reality of which we know very little.

Okay, I'm patient. Can't wait to hear Part II !! :)

So I've been told....<br />
<br />
As for now, I'm kind of having fun with it, so I'm sleeping with the patch on.

You definitely are going to want to take that patch off before you go to bed! I had the vivid phantasia dreams and some bad ones. I hadn't realized at first it was the patch. They stopped when I took them off before bed. Just wait! In the meantime, as long as they aren't completely freaking you out keep a dream journal for your writing! Good luck with the smoking cessation!