Aren't I Suppose To?

I always dream in color? And very vivid colors too. And my dreams are musically scored too. =p

Is this not normal? Are we suppose to dream in black and white? I have no idea! :-o

Another thing is... I have so many things that happen while sleeping, that I know that aren't normal! Like I still move in my sleep, so I often act out things while still asleep... this is why all sharp or dangerous items have to be stored AWAY from my bed. But so far, I've been using my stuffed kitty for a sword, in my sleep! XD

Also, I can smell in my sleep... also feel pain, like when I get stabbed in my dreams or set on fire. I feel it! And the pain wakes me up! And as soon as I wake up, the pain fades away, like a dream. lol. I know that's not suppose to be normal. :-/

So, I do wonder... if dreaming in color something else to add onto my list of "weird sleep happenings"! =p

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Mar 2, 2009