I've Never Had a Black and White Dream

I didnt know anyone had black and white dreams.  I've never had one.

I thought everyone dreamt in color, and occasionally had very vivid dreams, like I do.  

Limited outlook/understanding of dreams I guess. 

Wow you live, you learn.

Have you ever had a black and white dream?

Willowtree7 Willowtree7
26-30, F
3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

I googled it up, it seems that if color is not important for the dream, your brain will give you the impression that it was b&w when you wake up, even though it was in color. The text also compared that to a situation where you're flying on a magical carpet, and you don't know how your shoes are looking, because it's not important. It doesn't mean you don't have shoes, it's just that they aren't important.

99% of my dreams are in vivid color. Very rarely, the color will be somewhat subdued due to the nature of the dream. Even more rarely, I have had a few that were sepia colored like an old photograph, with flashes of color. OTOH, my ex-husband said that all his dreams were in black and white.

Most of my dreams are in color, but in some special cases I see black & white or with decreased color number. For example, once I was in a very disturbing place where the colors started to fade away in a really intimidating way. Sometimes when viewing past events (not from my own past, but from the story from the dream I'm dreaming)