They're Back!

I'm back on the patch and my nights have been filled with very vivid dreaming that leaves me feeling exhausted and full of intorspection in the morning.  I've identified some reucrring themes, and have been impressed my the way all five of my senses are stimulated.  For your entertainment (and mine) here is a sampling of dream contents:

**I'm on my knees on the living room floor trimming overgrown crab grass with household scissors.  My thought while going about the task: "planting a lawn for living room flooring sure is a  unique kind of flooring but it is too high maitenance."

**My little special needs kitten Nellie is unrinating with the force and volume of a Clydesdale stud.

**I'm breaking off the unsmoked tobacco ends of cigarette butts and stuffing them into a wooden pipe, and firing them up.

**An intruder in my home is holding up a copy of a Kate Bush album (Hounds of Love) and is criticizing me for exposing my children to such filthy trash.

**Digging in the back of my refrigorator, I discover a loaf of German-style holiday sweet bread.  I pull it out, exasporated that something so old should still be taking up space in the fridge.  Neverthe less, I cut myself slice of it and start eating.  It tastes like stale bread mixed with old refrigerator flavors.

**Running effortlessly through the streets of Shanghai, for the joy of it.  I'm so light on my feet, so swift and breathing free.

**Bribing a family of intruders to leave my home with single serving sized cups of orange sherbert.

**Enlisting in the Chinese Red Army and trying to get my uniform correct.


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interesting dreams...I have always been fascinated by dreams. Often I find the literal translation fits really well. You're finding spaces in your home that you've long forgotten and deciding to put them to use. Seems like you're finding areas in your life, time in your schedule, etc that you'd forgotten (or put aside) and are trying to reconnect. <br />
<br />
These things can be subconsciously scary sometimes because we don't like change. Maybe that helps?

The intruder dreams, trickery and the connection with your children signals to me that there is 'something' messing with your deep rooted sense of how home and hearth ought to be. Just a thought.

Hmmm.. that is interesting. <br />
I do have theme 2 often. Sometimes, my thought is, I need to put this space to use. At other times, an almost demonic fear grips me and paralyzes me -- i find myself in a silent scream.<br />
<br />
I wonder what this means.

I have your number 2 dream a lot. Whole wings of the house that I've forgotten about or never knew existed! Sometimes I'm really excited about the new space, sometimes I'm very disturbed that it was there and I didn't know it. And there is one recurring dream about a room that makes me fearful. The room I discover is all off-kilter and has a green glow like radiation and immediately makes me sick.<br />
<br />
Do you keep a dream journal, juan?

Aside from what is mentioned here, there are many I haven't gotten into yet. However, there are three recurring themes that have me thinking:<br />
1) intruders making their way into my home by force or trickery.<br />
2) finding spaces in my home that I've long forgotten and deciding to put them to use. At times these spaces make me very fearful.<br />
3)working my way through very messy and chaotic situations at home -- most often in the kitchen.

I'm betting that you understand a lot of the symbolism in those dreams ! Now I'm picturing you in a Red Army uniform smoking a pipe while eating stale holiday bread. hehe

I hear ya. I kind of look forward to sleeping and dreaming. I'm learning more about what lies hidden in my mind; learning more about me.