Nuclear Centipede

While in the middle of trying to convince this guy that he didn't have to be a bad seed, I looked out of the window and noticed that a nuclear explosion was going on in the city below. There were a number of us in this apartment and for some reason I knew that that if I closed the metal shades it would protect us from the nuclear explosion outside. I quickly went around closing all the nuclear shades while the explosion was occurring. I guess it was to keep out the radiation and I also supposed that my apartment was far enough away from the nuclear explosion so that my apartment was left standing. While I was closing one of the metal shutters in the kitchen, a snake and a number of centipedes managed to crawl inside of the arm part of my coat. I was horrified. I immediately did my best to fling off the critters and was successful in ditching the snake and and one of the centipedes but I noticed now that my left arm felt numb. I took off my jacket and shook two more centipedes off my arm. They were crawling up and down my bare arm as if I were some organic branch on a tree. I have always been quite scared by all their legs and their weird-looking antennae. If they weren't common I would think they came from a different planet, Mars perhaps. Anyways, I looked at my arm and the muscles had tensed up where I had been stung/bit? My arm even looked a bit grey and morose like that of an arm one would expect to see on a corpse. I am not sure if the nuclear explosion had anything to do with these centipedes and a random gardner snake but after that shocking experience and my subsequent falling onto the floor, I woke up. I am still wondering what it all means, if anything.
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