The Path of Mushrooms

I was walking down a narrow path when I noticed that up ahead the path was littered with gigantic mushrooms about waist high. It was cold out and the sun had been blotted out behind two enormous stone boulders that were just far enough apart that I could safely pass between them. Littering the path, there were a foray of green mushrooms and then immediately following a cluster of white mushrooms. There was no way to go around the mushrooms as the paths above and the paths below were blocked with either other smaller rocks or thickets around and above the boulders. I made the decision to wade through these mushrooms in order to continue my journey down the path. I waded through the green mushrooms and even though it was slow going, I was still able to push my way through. By the time I came to the white mushrooms, I noticed that it had become quite hard to walk through them. Mushrooms are normally quite light and fluffy and should not have posed this much of a bulwark to my forward momentum, but they did and I found myself getting caught in the cluster as if I was crossing through a briar patch. I began to notice, as I was getting caught up in the white mushrooms, that the mushrooms had begun moving. It was as if they were alive. I became paranoid and got a sickening feeling in my gut so I thought better of going down this path and began to slowly back out and away from these cryptic mushrooms. But I did not get very far. I became quite aware that the white mushrooms had become aware of my presence and were indeed alive. They began closing in on me tripping my feet and tangling them so much so that I could not even turn around. Claustrophobia began to set in and I wanted dearly to escape and get away from these poisonous mushrooms. The impediment the mushrooms made for my escape became too much for me, so much so that they overtook me quickly and knocked me onto the ground and into the midst of them. They were all around me now. It was a trap. I saw that now. These fungi knew that I as a human was weaker on the food chain and was vulnerable to their numerous spores, stalks, and heads. The white mushrooms closed in on me as the green mushrooms held me in place preventing my escape. I tried to get up, only to fall down again. The white mushrooms overtook me. Their brown-gills fluttered like razor sharp teeth and their skin emitted a waft of disgusting spores infecting my nose. All around me were disgusting mushrooms and they began to squeeze me and crush the life out of me. I was outnumbered by these fungi and only human. They closed in for the kill now. There was nothing I could do to stop that. Then everything went black.

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3 Responses Jan 1, 2008

Isn't this a dream interpretation group?

It's a shame more people are not into surrealistic stories. I would be convinced to submit more if there were a better following...Dali, Picasso, Magritte, Breton, Rimbaud, Miro' fans? Anybody ever heard of these artists? Or am I the only one? If you haven't heard of these incredible people...please GOOGLE them.

If you like these types of surrealist dream sequences let me know and I will write more. :)