Demonic Dream, Need Interpretation.

This dream started out with my waking up in my room in kind of a shock. As I peered around my room I saw a dark figure in the corner, and i immediately run towards the door, but i am unable to open it. Im then grabbed by said dark figure and hurled around the room like a rag-doll, then i black out. I happen to wake up again, still dreaming, and try running for the door again. I start banging on the door hoping my dad will wake up and help me, but there is no answer. I continue waking up and trying everything possible to escape this "demonic" presense in my room for what seems like forever. In this attempts I try screaming, but I cant. I struggle to fight off this demon, but I cant. Everything im trying to do fails. I finally awake from my dream in terror, thinking that i will never wake up from it.

any help would be welcome.
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I would pray to the Most High by name of course (Jehovah) and ask him to overcome these nightmares, to give you the courage to resist evil and the strength to cast it out for good. I have had an experience in which my mother and sisters were holding Bibles studies with this elderly lady who would listen to the superstitious nonsense her friend would advise her and stories she would tell. One time during a Bible session, she told my mother of her how her friend advised her to sprinkle baby powder around her home to ward off demons. At the time she actually had powder sprinkled around the edges of her home. She also told of how she was advised not to sleep on her back during a certain time or demons will harass her and make her bed shake. That very night- I kid not- rather than sleeping on my sides and stomach as usual, I found myself sleeping on MY back and that when my began to tremble. My sister was playing pranks this time. I prayed and it ceased. In the morning I told my mom. We never went back to visit the lady again.

Wow...thats spooky. do you take any kind of sleep aids?

Dreaming and being awake can also mean unconscious and conscious. <br />
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The issue you have, is unconsciously beating you up, and when you try to bring it to the consciousness, you can't for some reason, and your father is ignoring you about it. <br />
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The best thing to do, is surrender to the shadow, and allow the issue to come to your consciousness so you can know what it is that is beating you up...

The dark figure is usually the self, the shadow figure. You are struggling with yourself. This is something you must confront without the help of your father.