Weird Talent

 I have a peculiar talent for dream interpretation. I used to get asked a lot to interpret dreams when I was at work. One night I got a surprise.

 One of the women I work with told about a dream. She was in a large field of grain. In the center of the field was a big tree. High up was a large tree house, big enough to be a home. Everything was fine until stags started running in from the woods trying to attack her. She ran to the tree and climbed inside the tree house. The stags couldn't reach her from there.

 I told her the stags were a fertility symbol. The grain too. The house in the tree was a relationship that she may have put on a pedestal. I told her I thought she was worried about getting pregnant.

 A week later she showed me her first ultrasound. She was going to have a baby. She said she got the chills when I deciphered her dream because I was right without know it.

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Well done, UDS!

really? thats amazing! do you think you can interpret a dream for me? email me please. i really want to know what it means.

It's reference to "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. There are two movies, but the last one was much much shorter than the BBC version.

I could do without the Vogon Poetry Channel.

It doesn't really sound like a dream to me, but if it were, lay off the percoset. It will make you dream weird stuff. One time I accidentally took a library book out in another dimension. I still haven't returned it because an alien took it exchange for getting me free intergalactic cable.

Hope is a thing with feathers - wasn't it e.e. cummings who said that? <br />
<br />
Dreams are the mind's way of taking out the trash. I'm not telling who said that.<br />
<br />
"Every dream is a wish." Freud said that.


There might have been, but I wouldn't have heard their thundering hooves because Catherine was doing an Ethel Merman impression at the top of her voice - wow! THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS!!! She had the cutest little tatoo on her left shoulder, a kitten lapping at a saucer of milk.

I have a recurring dream that I'm taking a bubble bath with Catherine Daneuve in a pickle factory. What do you make of that?

Actually, this dream isn't out of the ordinary. It's a dream of fear of success. The building is a career. The higher you climb, the farther you have to fall.<br />
<br />
There are two interpretations here. <br />
<br />
One is the fear of success. Once you achieve true success, you'll be bound to it like a ball and chain which will cause you to plummet to the Earth below.<br />
<br />
The other is related. This is the fear of being found out as a fraud. There multiple times you've succeeded in an endeavor, but this time you fail. It's similar to an actor coming out on stage and not remembering his lines. Or when you go to class and there's a test you didn't study for... and it turns out you forgot to wear clothes.

No way. What are the odds of that? I have almost the same dream about a high rise office building...and theatres too. Weird.