Mind Control

My dream started in a room with computers at my school. I was talking to someone when suddenly I started to run, up a large tower, being chased. A girl I couldn't recognize use mind control powers on me, commanding me to stop running. I felt the urge to obey, but managed tp break through it. I ran up to the top of the tower, where I saw a man. He used the power on me, commanding me to leap out a nearby window. I felt the urge to obey, and began walking towards the window, but I managed to break away. I ran again, to the bottom. I saw my car, guarded by four guys. Two of my friends went to distract them as I lept into my car, pressing the auto lock switch, but it wouldn't lock . As I kept trying, a red-haired girl I recognized but didn't really know jumped in the passenger side; I knew instantly she was one of the people with powers. She looked me in the eye, smiling, and commanded me to sleep, and the urge to obey overwhelmed me. I shut my eyes and I began to droll. I felt her wipe the droll of with a napkin as she began to whisper inaudibly, and everything went black.
Solaron Solaron
13-15, M
Dec 11, 2011