Chocolate Woman Shower

Here's a cool dream:

This is one of those dreams where one concept inhabits the form of something else. I was with this woman, but then she somehow became liquid chocolate and she poured herself all over me and I was covered from head to toe in her. It was a long hot shower, but it wasn't sticky liked it'd be in real life. It was kinda sexy and peculiar at the same time.
Hermey Hermey 36-40, M 3 Responses Jan 12, 2012

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Cancel'm deleting you as a friend! Lol

Hey you can't rate up a story and call someone a weirdo at the same time. It's not supposed to work that way.

did you ever figure out the meaning behind it?

not as of yet.... I just kinda liked that dream.

i'll bet sounded like it was interesting. If a man in my dream suddenly turned into chocolate and poured himself all over me, I'd still be licking him off of me. Wouldn't think about why to much.

yeah exactly... that's one of those dreams where the reason behind it doesn't matter as much as the sheer pleasure of being totally immersed in it. It certainly was a unique experience, that I hope to dream again.


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Uhm I know this is a dream interpretation but this completely turn me on lol