The Shoot Out

Last night I dreamt I got shot in the stomach. It wasn't exactly totally fearful though. A bunch of people were playing this 'war game' type thing and I was on one side and the other side were going up these stairs and they saw me under a bench and he said he was going to shoot me. I said c'mon dude.. why? And then BAM... right in the gut and everything just went numb and grey and I was filled with a feeling emptiness. Like a black cloud was engulfing my body and removing all sensations. Instead of being scared or horrified, I was just interested in that feeling that washed over my body.
Hermey Hermey 36-40, M 4 Responses Feb 29, 2012

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what are you really afraid of, love?

post some new paintings

want to see how you are progressing

do you paint people from your dreams


i wish to see these paintings then...

peruse them colour by colour

experience their flavours...

love every little bit and bit..

do some more painting, love, more...

I dreamed I was shot in the head once. The only dream ive ever woken up crying from, yrs sounds almost like an out of body experience.

that sounds like an awful dream. Was it stress related? Crying first thing when you wake up is a hard way to start the day.

No, I had just left my borderline personality boyfriend, what a psycho. I can laugh about it now. What do you think caused yrs? Sausages at midnight, or...?

I'm not sure. Lately I've been having intense vivid dreams for some reason. So I've been writing them down and thinking about them more than usual. Are you asking if I ate sausages at midnight? Or was that your pet name for your crazy Ex?

Haha! Laughing is a GOOD way to start the morning! No, I meant actual food. They say eating late at night causes vivid dreams, I don't knowif its true or not. Probably an old wives tale. A dream journal is very smart, they will be interesting reading for yr old age, or yr spouse/kids when you die.

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you need psychic protection

Just go with your gut feeling, hermburger.... If you can stomach it.