One night i had a dream. I went into my third period gym class (keep in mind i turn 16 in 23 days) and some of my friends ran me outside where all of the friends i had made in the past and now. They stabbed and killed me. I went to my house as a ghost and saw my family celeibrating my death. I ran away to San Francisco, where i Met Piper form the show Charmed. She saw me looking sad and took me to the manor. The three Piper, Paige, and Phoebe cast a spell to go into my head to see what was wrong. I asked if there was a way to bring me back to life. They handed me the book of shadows and it flipped open to a be who you always wanted to be spell. I read it out loud and i turned into my fanfiction character Sabrina Marie Hale. With all of her magical powers and everything. Sometimes my dreams came true except this one. (yet?)
Sabyhale Sabyhale
Mar 18, 2012