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Guys Ignore Me

Once I start to be interested in some guy, I have a dream that he ignores me and turns all of his attention to my younger cousin--Who has always been far more attractive then me. These guys can be guys from my class or even celeberties. But the dream always starts and ends the same. It starts with us having some casual conversation and laughing. Then my cousin walks in and he literally turns from me and the rest of the dream he's ignoring me. I don't even try to desperately get his attention. I just ask simple questions or whatever and he doesn't even hear or see me. I sometimes wake up crying. Could my dreams mean I'm threatened by my cousin or something else? Help.
Browneyes4322 Browneyes4322 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 18, 2012

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interesting. But I just want to say this... There is a tribe of people in the rainforest that are a dream culture. Every morning they talk about their dreams and interpret them. And there is a rule. That when something happens that works out bad. Like you go to ask someone out and something bad happens like in your dream... that means its actually the opposite and its a good sign. I kid you not. I took a journey there once and the person's house that lived there said that he had a dream that our boat got lost and nobody could find us, and all this disaster stuff... and when he said he woke up, he was happy because he knew everything was going to work out fine. And it did hehe. So just for what its worth, they have been doing dreams for like 10,000 years lol... so hopefully it will be the total opposite for you with those guys! Besides... in real life I'm sure your cousin won't be in the room with you :P

Haha true. Lol. Thanks. Your information is actually pretty comforting :)

it could mean your threatened by her. or you may feel your not as worthy of a relationship as some others.