I Need Help With This Dream

I take my dreams a little serious and I had a weird dream a few nights ago that keeps popping into my head.

I dreamed that I was a witch but didn't have power and I was being chased by three hellhounds. They never tried to attack me or threaten me but they followed me every where and I desperately wanted them to go away; it almost felt more like a game of hide and seek than being hunted to chased. I ended up at an old house and the hellhounds followed me into an empty cave like room and I got mad at them and told them to stop. One of them stepped forward and told me that they were not there to take me away and they would go if I wanted them to but would be back because I owned them and that I needed to learn how to use my magic.

It expanded a couple nights later and included a guy that I had to keep my hellhounds away from because they wanted to take him.

It was a lot longer than that of course but that was the gist of it. My dreams are usually so literal and hellhounds can't be a good sign. I am not a very superstitious person or into psychics or witchcraft or magic or anything like that so it worried that all that popped out of nowhere.

Can someone who knows something tell me about this; what it means or could mean?
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1 Response May 13, 2012

why type of tv show or movie did you watch before you fell asleep? i'm not much into interpreting dreams. supposably it is our way of dealing with stuff that happens to us during the day. are you having some type of personal delema right now or probs @ wk? this would be my guess.