Snakes & Rotating Trees

I dreamt I was in Africa (where I actually spent some of my childhood & teenage years) and we were going on outtings etc and came across snakes which had escaped or just were there. Someone killed a few to lessen endangerment to others. I thought it was brave and risky at the same time. There were also other instances of snakes both in and out of Africa within my dreams
I also had a dream that I was working for a large corporate organisation (which I used to) when I got a call to assist someone in reception with a query that wasn't my field (again I really used to do this before becoming self employed a few months ago). I had gone there to do some temp work as needed some income to support my self employment.I met a colleague and reception and we agreed to both speak to the customer as it was his field of expertise and I was expected there, anyhow I got distracted at reception so he ended up speaking to the customer. We were headed back to the main building and we'd been pre-warned of some weird weather and rotating trees. Basically the tree would bend over and rotate in a sweeping action towards the ground. My colleague found it a dare to try and leap over the rotating leaves and branches but I was trying to stay out of the tree rotating circumference during this rotating sweep especially as the big leafy tree came with a lot of rain and lightening and I thought the lightening was more likely to hit and tree and ultimately me. Fortunately my colleague didn't get hurt and found it a laugh. That's all I can remember of the dream.
bbambi bbambi
41-45, F
May 14, 2012