I Believe I Figured It Out. But Need More Input From Unbiased People

In my dream it started on a train and the announcement was “Washington St. Stop”. I thought “hey this is my stop gotta get off here”. As I got off at the platform I was walking and knew in the part of the town I was in it wasn’t a good area. I was changing a song on my Ipod as someone tried to steal it. After a small struggle and them pulling a weapon I actually scared him off and was able to keep my stuff. I checked to make sure I had everything and continued to my destination. The next part I remember is, I was in a building with all glass walls and almost all my closest friends were there. We were all heading somewhere and I was on a spiral escalator that as it went up there was a spot to get off at the top but if I didn’t get off it just continued back to the bottom. Next to the escalator there were stairs that went straight up straight from the bottom. As I reached the top of the escalator my ex girlfriend was standing on the stairs looking at me. She then asked “Are you getting off?” I looked at her and replied “I don’t know.” And I could see a look of disappointment on her face as I rode the escalator back down. Once I reached the bottom I got off it and went onto the stairs to meet up with everyone again.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I have a couple ideas as to what this dream meant. But, I would greatly appreciate anyones input