Ghost Hunting Dream

I had a dream last night that my sister, my cousin and I went on our first ghost hunting trip. We went to the house and my sister and cousin did some very unprofessional things like laughing playing around and knocking things over. We finally started the ghost hunting part and I was trying to get the camera on my phone to work to record everything and even do an evp session however for some reason I didnt think about using the regular recorder (its an iphone) and I tried downloading an app but the app was slow/never downloaded. The ghost would bang picture frames on the wall and shut drawers. After what seemed about 15 min of activity my mother showed up to the house and we all left.
sftbllstar16 sftbllstar16
22-25, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

Ghosts are the fears and thoughts you entertained in your mind. The ghost of the mind.