(White) Church Of Ghosts

Hi EP'rs.
I need help understanding a dream that I've started having....it's strange, and has a lot going on in it, but I will only say part of it.

I think I'm a prisoner.

I am riding on a bus, or transport vehicle, with others.

We are on an over pass, next to a Church.
The Church looks like an Orthodox Church, and it's painted white, it almost looks like it's plastic, or ceramic.

I'm drawn to it; and I finally ask someone what religion is that Church?

I'm told "It's the Church of Ghosts"

What does it mean?

Thank you in advance.
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P.S. The church is white because your association with the old belief system is that they are pure, therefore not to be questioned. Its part of a collective archetype. The dream is telling/asking you, "Is this true?"

The answer is "no". That's why it is an artificial "church of ghosts".

This almost a year ago. The person who said dreams are connected to what is happening in the moment is correct. You must first anchor the dream as it is expressive at a deep, level of what is going on in your daily life. The key to your psyche is the following
'When I go to Church, I am reminded that I am living in sin.
I've been afraid to get married, now I want to.
We've been together 17+ years.
I do want to 'get right' with things.
And I miss my family terribly."

Therefore, without talking to your reading is as follows. (keep in mind my belief is dreams are deeply humanistic and supportive of us).

You are a prisoner and "trapped" (as one person said) in negative conventional thought. ("I am a sinner"). So what is imprisoning you? The dream spells it out. It is the religion and beliefs of your origin. The belief system is a phantom, there is no substance, no truth to it. It is a church of "ghosts", of the past. It is dead, not living. The sheen of artificiality reinforces the truth the dream wants you to see. The religious belief system of the past not only is dead, with no "living waters or truth", it is an artifice created by humans that is not authentic, artificial.

Your dream is telling you get the hell (metaphorically) out of that type of thinking. It imprisons you, has no living value and is not of God, but of human creation.

Your dream is supporting you at a very deep level of offering choice to leave behind dead, archaic religious thinking which is harming you, and moving toward a more open, realistic, forgiving, life affirming (no church of ghosts) belief system that is not harmful and has nothing to do wit reality or God as He/She/It really is.

Good luck on your journey to wholeness and freedom. Give up that fundamentalist nonsense.

What a great dream. They never lie.

The thing U should ask urself is what is ur relationship with God right now, what concerns do you have as we'll. I have some experience with satanic encounters as well as divine encounters. I haven't posted my stories yet but I will hopefully soon

Thank you for reading and commenting.
I would like to read your stories.

Ghosts and the color white point to the collective unconscious, the cosmical sphere of the human psyche. If you are a prisoner in a bus with others, you feel you have no option but live according to the views and norms of society, as a matter of adaptation and survival; but deep inside you are drawn to the
"white church of ghosts", the deepest dimension of your own mind, where your truest, universal self lies.

When I go to Church, I am reminded that I am living in sin.
I've been afraid to get married, now I want to.
We've been together 17+ years.
I do want to 'get right' with things.
And I miss my family terribly.
Thank you for reading.

I really don´t think you are living "in sin". It´s not the Church that decides what is to be regretted or not, it is the collective unconscious with its impeccable energetic balance. Did you have the intention to hurt someone? Did you exert a deliberately destructive influence on other people´s lives? You are far from being a "sinner" only because you live with the man you love. Your unconscious mind doesn´t accuse you of anything, so you don´t need to "get right with things", they are right enough already. The Orthodox Church in your dream looked as if it were made of plastic. This suggests how artificial the views of certain religious groups on human spirituality are. I wish you and your husband the best- and wonder why you can´t be with your family?...

Thank you for that!
I am in this relationship with love, respect, and all good intentions.
I didn't mention that the Church looked glossy/shiney (makes it look more artificial)
I've lost my Parents and Step-parents. Most of my family are in other states.
I am thankful, my Twin still lives near me.
Thank you for your comments. :)

They are sincere :) You wrote ''it almost looks like it´s plastic", which I interpreted as artificial- a church shouldn´t look like it is made of plastic. But because it is a symbol it means much more than that- white can mean a puritanical image of pureness, but also points to the unconscious and psychic totality; "ghosts" can mean people haunted by religious fears, but also archetypes, positive cosmical energies, unconscious resources... - I´m sorry to hear you have lost your parents and most of your family are away. But I´m glad to know you have your twin sister next to you... and, of course, your loved husband :)

Thank you.
Happy Holidays!

The same to you! :)

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Interpretation, "White church of ghosts"

If we are not careful in our decisions, the past can haunt us. Your dream conveys a message of consequence and regret. You share the same doubt that many suffer in the hindsight of their own actions. The value of any temple is found within its structure. The subsequent veneer is only esthetic and does not lend any credence to the character or content thereof. Redemption begins with remembering what was and considering what may be. Your memories are a congregate of experience and faith. They reflect a resurrection of personal conviction and a change in heart.

This is interesting. It may however have less to do with religion and more to do with something or someone in your past that you hold sacred. Feeling like a "passing prisoner" may mean that you are overlooking it or that it seems out of reach. This is just an educated guess.

I had forgotten this dream.
(I have a lot going on in my life)

I think you are right.
I didn't mention the Church looked very much like one I went to. It's not white at all in reality.
I miss going there, with my family.
The older family members I went there with, are gone now.
I miss them.

Thank you for reading, and commenting.

It may be their way of sating hello without freaking you out, assuming gone means passed away for some.

Saying I mean. Silly android keypad.

Yes, they've passed away.
I think you, and akdreamer50 are spot on.
I have asked them to let me know they're ok.
I have always regretted moving so far away.

Thank you both for reading.

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BTW "White" is regarding the color of the Church....not racial.<br />
<br />
Anyone have any idea, what the dream is about?