All I Want For Now Is His Name

Since I was ten years old, I have dreamed about the same man, and they have always been pleasant dreams (in the long run). I have no clue who this man is, but I know he is very important. It is consuming me, I need to find out his name!!

The first dream I had, the dream that started all of the dreams I've had up to this point was one with his best friend in it. It was one of the first time I can remember dialogue with another human (before I had dialogue, or rather telepathic communication with a white tiger, but that is a different set of dreams).

The dreams started about the time I turned ten and have occurred at least once a year since then. I never really paid much attention to them before, however I can remember each of them clearly. It drives me insane that I have yet to find out his name. The very first dream I was taking the path thought the woods, returning to my apartment when his friend stopped me. The boy appeared out of nowhere with dark hair and eyes, a straight nose, thin lips, and a small mouth. He dressed in a Black Sabbath t-shirt, and dark wash jeans that hung off of his body (obviously to large for him). He was sitting on the steps of my church (the dream had changed locations in the course of the conversation). He said I would be perfect for his best friend, introduced himself as Damien, and would not tell me the name of his friend. I would have to wait before I asked again, because I woke up. Damien was around my age (10 or 11 in my dream).

The next dream occurred a few years later, when I was twelve. I refer to it as my Lyrica Dream (that was the name of the place we were touring in the dream). In this dream I was traveling, having just seen some people off on a cruise ship. I was on a tram returning to wherever I was parked, but instead it traveled though a building, which contained an arcade and a cafeteria. Everyone else in the dream seemed to be in a daze, unresponsive to my attempts at communication. Damien was there, but he was unresponsive as well. This dream was my first meeting with his friend, and my first denial of finding out his name.

He had shaggy dirty-blond hair, hazel eyes, and a kind smile. He was taller than I in the dream, and amazed that I was not unresponsive like the others. It was like everyone besides us were sleeping, and missing out on the most important event in all the world. I gave him my name, introducing myself and asking how he was doing (which was very unlike my 12 year old self) and just as he was opening his mouth to say something in response to me, I woke up.

When I was entering high school, he made another appearance. In that dream my family was all together, playing with water guns (water often makes appearances in my dreams, I choke it up to the fact I'm born under the sign of Cancer and in the year of the Water Monkey). However my little cousin went missing (it was late evening in my dream, and dark, and my cousin a tiny little thing of a boy). It actually is the one of two dreams where it has been nighttime in my dream.

Anyways the older boys when looking for my cousin Joey, and they found him by the forest. However, then my Cousin Josh was missing. Later in the dream there was a military base (on the other side of the woods) and my cousin Josh made an appearance again. However it was not on good terms. A Cadillac type of car pulled up in front of my house, and a Russian with strong features and silvery-blue eyes who was dressed in military garb had a gun to Josh's temple. After they drove off I stood in the street sobbing and begging the convoys of soldiers to help get my cousin back, but they could not help because the base was being decommissioned.

Fast forward to the inside of a comosary/exchange (for those who don't know what that is, it is a store on military bases where people can buy things like food, clothes, and other goods). I am following the people who took my cousin, knowing full well that he is still alive. I see the man who held the gun to his temple as I stand near belts. Just as my hand raises the belt into the air (meaning to use it as a whip and do some damage to the guy, but without much of a plan afterwards), a hand stops mine. I look behind me to see that it is a male, about 6 feet tall, with dirty-blond hair, and hazel eyes, his nose is straight, and he speaks softly to me. He says that I do not want to do that, and I am too furious that the guy got away to really stay and chat with him.

I leave and the dream moves forward a few weeks, I enter a hollow where a bar/inn is lit up. I know that the area is dangerous, especially if I am found by the men who took my cousin, but at this point I am desperate to find him. Before I can even order a drink, one is placed in front of me by the bartender. I look up questioningly and she says it is from the gentlemen at the end of the bar.

When I looked over, it was the same guy from earlier in my dream. I went over to him, pulled him outside and asked where he got off on following me, and who had sent him. He tried calming me down, and told me all he was doing was providing me help, and that some of the moves I had made, including coming to the area had been very dangerous and he was disappointed in me for putting myself in danger.

I reiterated that I was only trying to find my cousin, and that once I was sure that he was alright, I would be smarter in my moves. He pulled me closer to him and said that if he told me that he knew where and how my cousin was doing, would I go home and stay there where I was safe. Turns out he had people watching the group that had taken my cousin. I woke up feeling calm, but that I also needed to warn my cousin about his dealings with Russians.

After that he made an appearance again, however in this dream there was a problem with the local transit buses, and I had to get off at this decaying house with the other passengers (there was a crash). Everyone else stayed near the roadway, but I continued around the house, being pulled to investigate, going inside the house spelled danger, so I stayed in the overgrown garden, and he was there. I don't remember much other than after giving him a hug, I woke up.

When I was looking into different Universities, he again made an appearance in m dreams. We met on a bridge in a city, the city was gray, and it was foggy. We kissed on the bridge, but he had to go, because he was being chased.

A few months later I dreamed of him again. This time I was hiking in the forest, and I went through a break in the trees (that really didn't look like a path, but I knew that if I went there, I would be safe and warm). As soon as I passed through the trees I was no longer cold, and I saw him waiting for me under a tree in the grove. I was very aware of the passing of time (years) as we walked together and talked in the grove, by the time we had come around the other side, it was as I had known him forever, but yet I did not know his name. I asked him, and woke up.

The next dream I had was a year later, and we were on a trip together. There was water all around my room (we were visiting his home) and my dress should have been wet (that is when I became aware that I was dreaming). I was in a very fine dress (think colonial times and France). It was pale yellow and very frilly, but I liked it, and it suited me just fine. I sat at a window seat and looked out onto a courtyard below. The water that was in my room spilled out of the windows and into fountains placed below. The courtyard was cobbled stone, primarily warm tones of yellow and red (like the Tuscany sky paint color). I watched him walk across the courtyard, looking up at my window with a smile on his face. He waved up at me and told me to get ready for the party.

The dream switched to a party, He and I were dressed in matching colors (his suit was regency styled, in pale yellow and gold like my dress). There were people smiling and laughing and dancing, they all seemed very happy to finally meet me. We danced for a while and he pulled me out to the veranda and said he had something to ask me. I smiled and told him to ask away, he leaned into my ear, and I felt his breath against my skin, but his words were garbled by my alarm going off and me waking up.

The next dream I had of him, I had just a few months ago. I was getting fitted for a dress, and the women helping me, did not like me. They wanted to see me suffer. They told me of the process of getting an abortion (I am a very visual person, even in my dreams, so as they were telling me the process, I was visualizing it in my mind). I was very upset by this, ran away to be sick and then was crying in this hallway of mirrors. The mirrors were gilded, and the walls were a very pale yellow (yet again). He found me there crying, and ran up to me, crushing me into a bear hug. He told me how much he loved me, and that together we could do anything, and no matter what happened how he would never leave me. I woke up feeling like I was still in that embrace and had a wonderful day.

The latest dream I've had about him was just last week. I was imprisoned in this building (it had been an institute of learning in a previous dream of mine). The building itself was muted shades of gray and slate blue. I wore something akin to a hospital gown, but it was closed in the back like a dress. He took me from that place, carrying me bridal style outside. It was sunny and there were trees and fields around us. I was so scared until I saw the pathway to our special grove. I remember we were being chased then, so we could not lead them to that place. He continued to carry me , and we hid behind a building until the guards lost us. Then we were safe, and we traveled to a small town where we stopped at a diner. There were between three and five other people there, and I remember that the waitress was very nice, and very "Wha can I get fo ya dear?" ish. I looked up at him and thanked him for everything he had done for me, and told him that I still didn't know his name. He smiled and said that thanks were unnecessary and that I would learn his name another time. Then I woke up!

It has been very frustrating...
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His name is Jesus. These dreams have been given to you as in invitation to get to know Him on a personal level. This can be done by asking Him to come into your life, into your heart and be with you forever. He obviously has a great plan for your life...which is why He has been so persistent in giving you dreams. You can better know Him by reading His written Word.

just name him :)

Your dream reflects the ambiguity of your faith, yet in all of your life and in all of your trials, the Lord has been with you. He remains a mystery in your heart yet you have known him by his nature and the peace he shares with you.His name is Jesus and he cares for you.The water guns and the water overflowing from your windows represents the baptism of your soul and the spiritual growth of your heart over time and throughout your life.The complexity of your dream carries a simple thread of recognition and intimacy in your relationship with God. Your frustration is rooted in your lack of committment. He knows you and he knows those you love. He protects you even when your decisions are of a questionable nature.The conflict is one of faith and your acknowledgement of his will for your life.

Okay, so I'm not going to be a whole lot of help, but please keep us updated! I'm hooked!

Will you keep editing in your new dreams about him here? I know it might be awhile before you have new ones ,but there like a series and you've pulled me in. I must follow the story. I would also like to help you with figuring out these dreams. You might wanna look into what different colors mean because that pale yellow seems to be a reoccurring thing.

I will certainly keep posting the dreams I have of him up here. I may turn my experience into a novel as well (I am an aspiring author). It just drives me crazy that I haven't been able to figure it out yet. I've looked into the colors of pale yellow, gold, and gray. Yellow aids in clearing the mind and provides relief from burnout, nervousness and exhaustion. Gold is for success and personal power (usually donated by wealth). Gray is stabilizing and also leans towards an isolation feeling. Yellow is also the color associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. So far my only leads name wise are "Pierre" and the letter "S" but I know that these are not the answer to my question, merely hints along the way.

I have a recurring dream about someone I call the "shadow man." I have written about him here. I never see his face but he is some kind of protector because he comes to my dreams when I am feeling most vulnerable. I enjoyed reading about your dreams because I thought I was the only one having these kind of dreams.

I've seen my man's face many times, but I can never really describe it adequetly enough. The guy in my dreams always has served as the role of love interest and protector since he first made an appearance ten years ago. It was not until last week that I realized I'd been dreaming about the same man though. Then I got really freaked out by how all of the dreams seem to link together. Now it's like there is a drive to find out his name, and once I find out his name, to find him. It's crazy really.

Oh yes. I was freaked out badly by my dreams and I had a friend that helped me realize a lot about them and I just accept that my mind is going to take me there each time I get utterly stressed and i just wake up the next morning and write about him in my dream journal.

I've spoken with my sister about it (she's a sensitive) as well as spoken to her about some of my other dreams that I've had in the past. Some of my dreams have come to pass in the waking hours, so I'm a bit on edge about Mr.Mysterious. I've considered keeping a dream journal (and have for a week here and there), but for some reason the dreams that I remember clearly and for a long time all have this guy in them.

If you will do it just as you wake up in the morning then you will remember more and even if you only have bits and pieces you can sometimes put those together as well over the course of time.

That's for sure! Perhaps I will take it up seeing as now I have more motivation to keep at it. I am determined to get answers now, before I just wanted to see how many dreams I had on average (two- three remembered dreams a night).

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