Dreaming About Many Black Dogs Around My Friend?

Hiya, my mum had this dream a couple of days ago, it is really bothering her, please help.

She dreamt she was with her best friend (they are currently extremely close in real life and my mum's friend, thets call her Sam, is an extremely spiritual person, she is involved in many paranormal experiences). Mum dreamt that they were In the ladies toilets- she has a feeling the toilets were on a boat- she was with Sam and many black dogs were appearing around Sam, she thinks they were black Labradors. Mum distinctly remembers saying 'mark my words, bad things are going to happen' to Sam. Mum remembers about 4-5 black dogs suddenly appearing around Sam.

Please help, what does this mean? Is there a warning behind this dream? If so, who is it warning? My mum or Sam? What can we do?

IwannaKnoww IwannaKnoww
13-15, F
Sep 15, 2012