Dead Spouse And Family Members.. What Does It All Mean?

I always have dreams about important people in my life dying. My most recent was about my "husband." We're broken up, still live together and he still wants to be together.
My dream started off as me and my daughter going to the movie theaters. Somehow my mother and stepfather get in and are waving to us from afar. As the movie continues on one of the theater employees comes up to me and asks to see our tickets. I hand her mine but can't seem to find my daughters.They don't care and kick us out anyways. I had seen the guy that sold me the tickets and asked him if he could tell them that I had indeed purchased both tickets but the lady wasn't having it and threatened to call the cops. So I called the cops for them, cussed them out, and then left.
I, all of the sudden, gave birth to a cat. I didn't even know I was pregnant.
So now we're in the living room of my house.Some of my family is there, some of my mom's family, some of my husbands family, even my stepfathers family. Anyways we're celebrating someones birthday so we're all gathered around the cake. Someone cuts it and we begin eating. I'm sitting next to an elderly woman, I'm not sure exactly who she is but all of a sudden I see a ghost. This transparent figure walk across the room from my husband to this elderly woman. She starts whispering to herself and I try to hold it back but begin to scream. My scream scares the elderly lady so I stop screaming. All my Aunts from my moms side run up to me and tell me, "I know you see it" referring to the ghost I had seen. So time goes on and I walk up to my husband and he's on the floor fixing some wires (as he always is) and I ask him if he's mad at me and he says yes. All within seconds I walk away and come back, the lights are off and he's no where to be found. I call for him, "Babe." And nothing. I walk to my parents room which is off since it's our house and it kind of looks like our room too but it was clearly their room. Anyways our matresses are on the floo and I see my husbad kind of stumbling but not really abnormal and I ask him, "what's wrong" he replies "nothing." I ask again and this time he's slurring his words and somewhat convulsing but still tells me "Nothings wrong." He falls onto the bed and I notice white spit everywhere. I look at him and his mouth is open and his tongue is completely white. I run to him and yell at him panicking, "Did you take any pills?" "Look at me did you take any pills?!" And he doesnt respond. (By the way my husband has epilespy so he has seizures.) So anyways, I run to my moms room, she's a very light sleeper by the way and I tell her I think Chris (my husband) took too much medicine, and it's as if she heard me but she doesn't fully wake up or get out of bed. I run back to my husband and I check his pulse and his heart stopped and he's not breathing, I panic and run to get the phone and I'm yelling, "Call 911, call 911!" Nobody is responding to me. I run back to him and Im yelling and crying to him "Stay with me please! Stay with me" and then I wake up.
PinkDiamond711 PinkDiamond711
18-21, F
Oct 12, 2012