Strange Recurring Dream

I was in a kitchen and hundreds of people were sitting around waiting they looked sick and ragged but something happens and they all start running outside and there are all kinds if strange people out there and i keep hearing crying then people were chanting bring forth the beast bring forth the beast then everyone was gone and everything was white there was a man about 20 feet away from me everything went blurry then cleared and he was me and he said i know who you are i know what you are then was gone then I'm back at the one place were the people were chanting but everyone I'd gone except two men i had a duffelbag and they were seeming as to be making a deal with me for it until the skinny one stabbed me in te back but i didn't die and he looked scared then i said "I'm Lucifer you could never kill me like that" them one ran and got smashed the other was crushed by a stone pillar then i woke up someone plese try to interpret
meechy92 meechy92
18-21, M
Oct 18, 2012