Blissful Wedding To Soul Mate?

My dream was me in a beautiful white wedding gown, standing across my husband to be (no face). We are surrounded by family and friends. He kisses me; I fall limp with his embrace, totally surrendering to his kiss. I see that everyone is in awe of our obvious love for another. Then I change into a gold dress for our reception. I am by my husband's close, caressing, snuggling and so connected... people are happy and love is all around. Then we are in bed, I am rubbing his back then I feel that his is ready for me. I mount and we consummate. Then I rest on his body.

During this dream I am not physically feeling any of the emotions. I am aware of the emotions. I am reminded several times about our heart connection. I put my hand on his heart several times, tapping, rubbing over his shirt. In the bed, I make sure he is comfortable with a pillow under his head; he makes sure I am ready. So much nurturing towards one another! I am also aware of our chakras during consummation. I am reminded of each of them, activating from the root up. I raise my arms up as to receive energy from the universe. I feel/see the energy of us is a closed circle. I sense I am blissfully in love with this man. Soul mate united as one kind of feeling.

No other other people I words... there is one thing....this person flashes his face 2 times....this face was my boss! I am not attracted to my boss in any sense. We do have a family like work place but that is it.

What does it all mean?

Womanfirst Womanfirst
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1 Response Oct 19, 2012

It means you desire romance and intimacy and perhaps you see your boss that or you wish someone that is over you would be that way w/you.Nice dream btw.