End Of The World Dream

I recently experienced a very creepy “end of the world” dream, and I’ve been told that these types of dreams symbolize the end of something, but I can’t relate that to my life right now. Things are BEGINNING for me more than anything. I have an internship at a pretty major successful company and I have a job interview there this week. All of my energy is focused on my career really lately, so it’s nothing romantic or anything.

There was not much “death and destruction” going on that you would typically expect from an apocalyptic dream..it was more a creepy feeling that you know these “people/aliens” are here with us, and something huge was about to happen we just didn’t know where or when..

On my way to Tallahassee alone to see a friend. Kept hearing/slightly feeling these explosion type things coming from underneath us. Creepy person with robotic characteristics, not human. Beat him over the head and cussed him out knowing he wasn’t human. He said “we will accept that if happens to one of us and (no more and then you control yourself –? Can’t remember exactly) Looking at me in the eyes, warning me. I was super scared so I stopped.
a friend was there saying his family went under ground and wanted him to join them….I didn’t know whether I should go underground or even where to go because no one know if the aliens were under ground or where they were, just that they were lurking. Remember seeing my friend’ family but I don’t remember seeing any of mine. I think I was by myself for the most part. just had an overwhelming sense of impending doom.
People kept talking about the Iphone 5 and were obsessed with it…somehow I think it was related to the aliens/monsters.
bri54321 bri54321
Oct 24, 2012