What Could This Dream Mean?

Today I had a dream that really scared me and I want to hear some feedback on what it could mean....so I had been taking a nap since I didn't feel very well and for the most of my nap I had normal dreams like I always do and don't quite remeber them. I woke up for an instant and turned around and right away fell into the vivid dream, it was so weird how fast the dream came on. In the dream I was on a very pretty beach and I was sitting in the sand leaning against a figure. I'm pretty sure it was a man but couldn't tell because it had no features, it just was a gentle figure I was leaning against. I was looking out into the ocean when all of a sudden bright white light starting closing in on me. I became total aware I was dreaming and got extremely scared in my dream that I was dying. I was aware of the fact I was on my bed, and I tried and tried to wake up by moving my arms and legs but I was paralyzed  I kept getting frantic because the light was closing in and I didn't want to die. I was yelling " I don't want to die, I'm not ready!" Finally I woke up a start. After waking up I felt really out of it for at least 20 minutes. The dream just really scared me and it was so vivid, nothing like I had ever experienced.
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3 Responses Oct 25, 2012

Hi mags9876! My feeling from your dream is that the featureless man represents some kind of drug experience that was initially delightful but left you fearful. xx

The ocean could also represent eternity knowing that when we look at the ocean it seems like it goes on forever.

Are u a Christian? I haven't posted my story yet but I attempted suicide two years ago after listening to demonic rap , so I know how it feels when spiritual stuff happens. But the reason why I ask if ur Christian is because a lot of people ,who before weren't Christians ,describe having a dream similar to yours with a bright light sometimes jesus or the angel of death .Some people have been brought to heaven and were asked by God if they want to stay in heaven or go back to earth And preach about Jesus so others could be saved. And you said you were scared and didn't want to die so that could have been a sign that you should think about your eternal life rather than this life which will come to an end. I have a lot of experience with both good and bad times. Look up John 3:16 if u haven't already.