Crawling Spiders Kill Me

My dream started off with me driving somebody's red Jeep and i notice little spiders crawling on my legs... it skips to me at the hospital with the staff very worried about me. I notice the bottom of my foot is very swollen and the doc tells me i have a disease and the black and brown spiders are called "field spiders" and are laying eggs and hatching in my feet. The doc also tells me that i am dying and they can't save me. Then it skips to my ex-husband and my daughters(who are older teens, but in my dream, they are really young) at my hospital bed and the doc is putting cream on me and injecting me with stuff , there are 2 iv's in me and little tiny spiders crawling all over my body, but most of them are on my legs. I have a private talk with my daughters and tell them how much i love them and that i will always "watch over them." Friends are gathering around me and then i died and am looking at my body and my friends and family are crying and i look at my dead body and the doc has some vacume and i had deflated and they were filling me with air... Then it skips around to somewhere and i see someone crying over me and i talk to her and give her a necklace with blue gemstones in it and she knows it is my spirit talking to her.

The only other thing i remember is tring to write my name after i had died it was messy at first then got neater. There was a bright light after i died and i felt safe. Then something about a girls bathroom?

I know this is scattered, but i am typing as fast as i can while the dream is still fresh on my mind. I don't understand what this dream means... please help... thank you!
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As the answer might be too long, I prefer to message you :)

thank you =)