Dream That I Was An Injured White Wolf

I usually cannot remember my dreams, but I had a very vivid, clear one last night. In my dream I was a white wolf and was connected to a sled with 6 other dogs that were all male. I think we were in an accident and the others were stuck. I can't remember the name they were calling me but it gave me the feeling that I was the youngest in the pack (like "Runt" for example), and they were the older more experienced dogs. They were chanting my name, cheering me on to keep moving and to go get help. I was moving extremely fast even though my back legs wouldn't work. Then I work up! For some reason the fact that there were six other dogs was very important in my dream. Does anyone know what this could mean?
nxixkxi nxixkxi
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 17, 2012

Your dream could be showing elements of a story someone is going to tell you or you will read about in the future, or even be an attempt to protect you, if you you practice some winter sport.

I looked up 7 in Numerology.
One sight says you are a seeker of truth (not religion based).
We all know 7 is a 'lucky' number.

Others are cheering you on...you're the 7th....do you think you know who the other 6 are?

After reading you may be the seeker of truth...do you remember any more from your story?

I would put this in several of EP forums.