Bird Symbols On Mountains, Also Aliens

this dream happened when I was 17.
-I was flying in a plane towards a mountain range that no one had ever explored. I was going there because strange symbols or pictures were carved into the mountain sides. there were 4 of them very far apart from each other, there wasn't a place that you could go that you could see more than one in view. They looked like distorted birds and were huge, about the size of a football field. they were not actually "carved" but the earth had been raised to make the lines. It was said that a crazy old man did it to show some women he loved her because he couldn't talk. but that was just a rumor. I could see the mountains through the plane window, they were all golden because it was Autumn and the grass had died. I saw one of the symbols. I thought it looked as though something beneath the mountain had pushed out and formed this bizarre shape.
the plane landed near the foothills. Me and my older sister and mother got out. there were other people there just walking around and behind me was an ice cream truck just sitting in the grass. A girl was in the truck with two brown braids, she asked me if I wanted some ice cream, I thought it was strange for an ice cream truck to be here but I decided I wanted some, My sister didn't want any. I got a blue Popsicle with a pink bubblegum ball stuck in the middle of if.
Then we began to hike up the mountain. As we were walking we saw others hiking as well and soon there were so many people with us it seemed like a marathon hike. I thought we would be going to see the figure that I saw from the plane, "Number one" they called it. But as it turned out we would be hiking to "Number two", which was on the other side of the mountain. As we were going along a big curve up the mountain, some guy informed me that you could see "Number three" to the north. Far in the distance I could make out another bird like figure on the side of a mountain.
When we made it to the other side a great shear cliff was in our way to the top. I had lost my sister and mom in the crowd but I was sure they were alright. Everyone climbed ropes to the top of the cliff. When I reached to top of the ledge most everyone was walking far ahead of me.
This place was strange, on either side of the ledge I was on were sharp long rocks that reached up to the sky they lined the cliff like a wall and since the cliff curved the wall curved too to where I couldn't where it went. ahead of me, I could see the same kind of sharp rocks in the distance, I thought maybe this rock wall made a complete circle but as I walked on I saw that it didn't. the wall of on both sides stopped their curve and went straight out in their own direction which made two very wide paths for us one left, the other right. but I found out we weren't going either direction. Our destination was straight ahead, past the rocks in the distance.
Then all of a sudden the ground began to shake. We were walking on a sort of river bottom sand, white and gray and pink. The ground had been pretty solid until the shaking started. As the shaking continued the sand beneath our became loose. The sand became so loose that people were sinking into the ground. Everyone began to panic and tried to find something solid to stand on but the only bit of solid rock was at the very edge of the cliff. I ran to the ledge we climbed up. I hung off it with my hands. The shaking continued and the part of the ledge I was holding onto began to break and I fell. I was so scared, but I thought to myself if I hit head first my neck would break and I'll be dead for sure but if I land on my feet my legs will shatter and maybe I will never walk again but at least I will live. So I tried as hard as I could to to keep my body straight to land on my feet and as I saw the ground approaching I braced for the hard landing. But it never came. the landing was soft. I sank into loose sand. and I was still for a moment in shock that I was alive.
Then I realized what happened and I scrambled out of the sand. Luckily the sand was hardening and I was able to out just in time and sit down, amazed at what happened. I then noticed a little girl about 8 years old sitting on a rock near me. she looked very angry said something very rude. I don't remember what it was she said but I remember it had to do with her being offended by me falling off the cliff.
I was surprised by her. "Look, I almost broke my neck.:
But she didn't seem to care and said. "I wish you did."
I found out her name was Katie and she didn't climb up the Cliff with everyone, she wouldn't tell me why though.
I told her I had to climb back up, she didn't want me to. She looked scared but wouldn't say why I shouldn't go.
So I climbed up the cliff again and when I got to the top everyone was gone. I walked towards our destination, hoping I would find them there. As I walked I started to see something in the distance, it was getting dark and far off I could see lights. The closer I got the more defined the thing became and to me it looked like a space ship. Soon I was close enough to tell it was for sure a space ship.The ship was enormous. It was dark, almost black with seamless lines and red and yellow light shining from it. Even though I was scared I walked up to it. A ramp lead up to a opening. I walked up the and there were alien guards standing at the entrance. Then held me there until these two "higher ranking" aliens showed up.
One was smaller than the other, the smaller one was female, (I guessed). the larger alien always loomed behind the smaller one like it was her father watching over her. I couldn't tell for sure, they had no faces after all, well on their heads there were no eyes, ears nose, or mouth, or anything to express emotion. Just a strange slick blackish green face, shaped like pumpkin. their bodies were not much more than a short barrel of a torso. their arms and legs were shriveled up and they seemed to be floating off the ground.
I noticed there was another girl with me, she looked my age and had long brown hair and seemed very scared. Her name was Jenny. I for some reason was not scared at all.
The two aliens took us over to some stuff hanging on the wall in glass cases. the little alien asked us about them.
It was all common simple stuff. Like a coat hanger and a Jump rope. ( took down the jump rope and jumped with it to show them).
next they showed us a mop. I took it down and showed them how to mop a floor. After showing us more things they took us and put the two of us in a room. the room was all red and seemed to glow. Jenny was put in this little cage like bunk bed. and she was crying. After the aliens left I told her I would get us out of here. (I can't remember how I got us out of the room but it involved going through a tunnel). We ended up in a large room filled with aliens, they didn't seem to see us, and Jenny was so terrified she wouldn't move. I told her it was okay to just keep moving but instead she ran the other way and I lost her. I went past all the aliens but one approached me and asked me what I was doing. I told them I was suppose to be doing this and they go but then they must of realized I was escaping because I then had a bunch of aliens chasing me. I ended up getting outside the spaceship through a small tunnel I found. I was at the back of the spaceship and it was night time. I climbed over a big sand dune, and suddenly felling to a large hole.. the hole was filled was people's clothes. and backpacks. I picked up a lavender blouse and recognized it as my mothers'. At that moment I realized that the Aliens had captured everyone and they might be dead suddenly a big light shone on me. the aliens had found me. And I woke up.
Cherflu Cherflu
31-35, F
Nov 27, 2012