Denomic Dream

Hi all i am new to this site and wanted to share my dream (if it is that) that i had last night, right last night i decided to sleep on the sofa so that my bf could get a good nights sleep as he has to wake early, well i was having a rather bad and explicit dream about my sister, then all of a sudden i felt that i was gripped and paralised by a force cats appeared hundreds of them with piercing bright eyes and they started stabbing at me with there claws i could not move because of the force holding me i tryed to call out for my mom but i couldn't my voice was low and i was been restrained to shout out, this felt like it was happening for a eternity, all of a sudden it was like my mom came and she started holding me i was then able to wake from this and the grip was released i need to add that i could feel every stabbing from the cats claws, well when i woke i still was unable to move and wanted to keep my eyes open but i couldn't and before i no it i has slipped back in to this forces hands except this time i was trying to get out the living room door when this force pulled me back to the floor and was sitting on my chest and screaming at me that it was going to take me i could see that it was a dirty looking thing and it was telling me i was going, i was trying to fight with this force but i couldn't it told me that it was the devil, at this point i was trying to call out my partners name but again nothing would come and i still could not move eventually this force moved off me and i opened my eyes and i was in a upright position on the sofa, my body was still paralyised and i could not move but my eyes was wide awake scanning the room eventually after maybe 2 or 3 minutes i was able to move my feet and eventually my hands and then the rest of me, i then built up the courage about 5 minutes to get off the sofa and go upstairs to my bf who was awake, he listened and did not mock what i was saying and has suggested that i go and get myself blessed as i am not a religious person, this is not the 1st experience i have had of this kind i had a simular experience about 5 years ago when i was living with my parents and again i could hear my cat outside my window again i tried to move but was pinned from my shoulders and i felt myself been pulled down the bed i again called out to my dad but nothing and this happened for a few minutes i think, but for reason my dad came into my room and the force let go but my bed had moved from it original place and i had red maks on me i was wondering if someone could help me and has any idea as to what this is, when i went to bed i was crying it had really updet me and is still playing heavy on my mind now
mame81 mame81
31-35, F
Dec 6, 2012