Ares, God Of War.

Hey there, I was wondering if you could interprer this dream? It was strage.

I had one of those dreams that change constantly. There is only one part I vaguely remember-

I decided to run away from home and during the time away I was received a note saying something along the lines of 'Will you help me? I will give you anything' and the note was signed from Ares (Greek God of war)

I flashed to a scene of me ducking behind a refrigerator. And then I ran away.

Then I came another scene, as I had run away from home, I arrived at a house, the house in reality is my
dads who has up for rent. This applied in the dream.

(I was not in control of my body I was in the point of view.)

The house looked exactly as it did when my dad lived there fully furnished and all.

When I arrived I walked over to a coffee table and saw another note. The bits I remember are 'Here is a necklace with $50 000 000 worth of diamonds in it. I decided to become a Australian citizen. Regards Ares' I assume I finished this appointed task.

I vaguely remember it hinting something to do with love. I soon found the necklace, it looked as if there maybe diamonds in the chain that we all, the charms were letters, one letter came off it was 'R'. Shortly after that I felt like I was falling in love with Ares.
I put the necklace in my pocket and began to wonder.

I went into the play room and saw to fat women in bikinis, I apparently I knew them. I asked them to please put some clothes on. They ignored me. We then heard a truck pull up. I said 'that must be Sofia the landscaper'.I walked out to the large back yard and wondered around and came across a young man, shirtless, laying on his side on the ground. He was built nicely, clearly very strong but he wasn't incredibly muscly. Even though his back was facing me I knew he was very good looking. In front of him was a desk top will all kinds of stationary neatly placed on it.

I knew this man was Ares so I walked up to him and rested my chin on his shoulder. I apologized about the necklace and kissed him on the cheek. He started talking to me but I had woken up.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Loving the Classical imagery! Here is my interpretation: You are trying to figure out what you think is hotter - testosterone fuelled war gods types who offer you a sparkly lifestyle - something that "looks good"(necklace) or hardworking wise (Sofia, godddess of wisdom landscaper) who may do some digging around in your subconscious because they want to know who you really are. So far you are going for the first type - but your subconscious is totally open to the second type!

What an interesting dream you had here. Have you had any other dreams about Ares since then?

I may ask you though, are you into Greek Gods? Do you study about them or was this a sudden unexpected dream?

It is interesting, especially to be able to describe what Ares looked like. What was his skin colour? Hair colour? Was his hair long? I lift weights and I am inspired by the idea of the ideal Greek Gods' physique. You said he wasn't overly muscular, well, if you could give us a picture from many of the muscular men out there, who would it be?