Planetary Problems - A Dream Requiring Insight

i had a strange dream last night and was looking for insight - a most vivid dream, i remember it as if it were a life exp

i have no idea where i was located cept that it was on a northern coast (i live in Aust), the dream started with two heavenly bodies in the day time sky,,, one may have been the moon,, the other was a planetary body screaming past the earth (seemed to have something like smoke trails behind it, but not like a comet) & they both appeared to be of similar size - i remember the panic, people trying to escape etc

this passing caused the earths orbit to alter, strange happenings occured like the sea levels changing - i remember discussing the orbital shift with someone whos house i was staying in after the event (a familiar/known person in the dream but i cannot place them in wakening) and i remember saying that earths orbit had shifted so much that we couldn't know anything for sure - it was like the earth no longer orbited on the same plane as the rest of the planets

i then remember walking on a wooden jetty, but it was damaged, had oards missing and i had to tread carefully, another person i knew in the dream but can't place in life was in the now shallow water looking for something

then my eldest brother came into the scene, saying he had found transport for our family of 8 kids back home - we were to travel south in a boat being transported south on a trailer, and i was surprised it would accomodate all 8 of us

without spending an hour going into full detail, this is a summary containing what seemed to me to be the crucial details

any insight would be much appreciated
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Many people are having similar dreams. According to astronomers, if a massive asteroid collided with the moon this might alter the earth's orbit and affect the tides. I don't think it is actually going to happen, but I do believe the risk will exist somewhere in the future, the subject will be much talked about and many will panic, and this is causing the nightmares in so many people now.