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I know this might be a normal thing for everyone but I just can't seem to get it out from my head. I kept wondering what it means and it bothers me everyday. I had a dream of a guy...i know him and he definitely knows me. He just suddnely came out of my dream. I never thought of him in a special way except that a friend of mine likes him to be romantically involve with me. In my dream, he was smiling at me and the next thing I know...his face was so close to me and we kissed. It lasted for five seconds and i wake up. When his lips touched mine, I felt his breath, the warmth and the softness of his lips. It seems so real. After that, I can't get him out of my head. He's glued in my mind. Well, I know it was a dream that could happen to anyone but how is it possible that I could feel him physically? Like, he's really there. I mean, I have experienced this a few times already and it's mind boggling. How can I possibly feel their touch in my dream? Is that possible?

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Cancel sorry it took a while for me to answer. That's pretty weird. Deja vu is normal but then yours is like a vision and that only happen to movies. Sounds cool but I bet your uncomfortable about it. Do you still have that kind of thing till now?

OK this will sound dumb. I may be way off base.
When I was younger I would have Deja Vu's all the time.
Cept I would dream it weeks or months in advance. I would even remember it.

Then the actual event would start to happen and everyone did as I dreamt it would happen, and I would have to change some small part of the way it played out, Just because I found it so disturbing.
I called it a Echo from the Future. OK no one believes me

BUT I suspect there could be a way for yourself, when you do something that really gets your attention, to echo a feeling back to you. That is why some have a sense of dread. They feel the emotion of themselves from the future. I also believe it is possible for some under certain circumstances to dream what will come at random points or even the emotion filled points.

So my who thing . . . it could be real . . . soon.

Or can believe Freud where he says it is just because want to have sex with the guy.
But I don't always buy into old Freud.

AND I know it sounds weird, but that is how it used to be for me. Sometimes still.

yah, I guess you're right. I got over it anyways....thanx.

When you want something so bad your mind will make it real to you. Deep down its not a really a dream but more of a fantasy you want to come true. Enjoy and relish in the feelings and one day you may actually wake up to that special guy's kiss.

Well, I do feel things in my dreams sometimes too. Like the warmth of a blanket, or a kiss from a guy from a game. So I think its normal, but others may not.